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Make your Christmas gifts stand out with these delightful decorations and embellishments from Spotlight. In beautiful shades of red, gold and green, they will add a touch of class to all types of wrapping paper, boxes and even as decorations around the house or in the Christmas tree. Choose from ribbons and labels, pretty bows in various sizes, glittering garlands, holly leaf and berry decorations and even pom-pom trim. Also included in the range is a small Christmas tree, ideal as a table top ornament.

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Brilliant Tips To Wrap Presents In The Best Way Possible

Wrapping presents can be described as an artform, especially with the many techniques available today. So, wrapping your presents beautifully and with a minimum amount of effort does require some knowledge. Fortunately, you can count on some of our expert tips to get the most from your gift-wrapping experience.

What Should I Do Before Wrapping Presents?

Before you start wrapping your presents, it is always recommended to check for any price tags on your gifts. Leaving on price tags is the last thing you want, as you do not want to let the receiver know how much the presents have cost. It is always a matter of etiquette, so be sure to remove all stickers. If there is any reason why you cannot remove the price tag, be sure to use a black marker and make the price unreadable.

How Do I Wrap Items With An Unusual Shape?

There are plenty of items with an unusual shape that you might have to gift wrap, this includes items such as mugs and bottles. If you are not that good at gift wrapping, it is recommended to add these items to a fitting box. This enables you to wrap the item more easily.

How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, you usually have to take wrapping paper that is twice the length of your chosen item. If you have an unusually shaped item, this may be a little more or less.

What Are The Steps To Wrap A Present?

Wrapping a present is quite straightforward. To help you out, we have described each step in a little more detail.

Measure your wrapping paper - First, it is a good idea to measure your wrapping paper. As we mentioned before, your wrapping paper should be twice the size of your chosen gift. If you are worried, you can also take a little extra, but this does mean you might have to trim the paper later.

Fold the paper over the sides - Place the box in the middle of the wrapping paper and fold each side of the paper just over the middle of the box. When you have folded a side, make sure to fasten it with some cello tape. Do the same for the other side.

Please note, it can help to fold the sides of the paper to get a cleaner finish once you have wrapped the present. Of course, this is not obligated.

Fold the ends - Once the sides have been securely fastened, you can start folding the ends. Fold the ends until you reach two triangle shapes. Then, pull the triangle up and fasten with some tape. Do the same for the second triangle but fold it down instead.

Decorate - When you have fastened all the sides and the ends, it is time to decorate your gift. You could add a basic bow, but you could add more decorations too. There are tons of ideas to take advantage of, and you can find the supplies you need at Spotlight.

What Colour Wrapping Paper Should I Use?

Wrapping paper colours can vary depending on the event or the person you are buying for. For example, if you are wrapping a gift for a birthday, you can use bold colours and decorations. If you are purchasing a gift for a male recipient, you can use darker colours such as navy and black.

Some special occasions usually have some characteristic wrapping paper too. For example, it is not difficult to find dedicated wrapping paper that is made especially for Christmas or Valentine's Day. So, if you are unsure which wrapping paper is most suitable for the gift you have bought, you can always count on these options.

When you purchase a specific colour of wrapping paper, you must take the decorations into account as well. Some colours match and complement one another, while others do not. So, if you plan on adding bows, feathers, gems, or other decorations, be sure to incorporate their colours in your intended gift wrap design.

Still need some supplies to wrap your gift? Be sure to check the available options for gift wrapping at Spotlight.



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