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Whatever the number, find everything here to celebrate a milestone age or a special birthday event! Shop the party decorators range from Spotlight now.

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Can I buy number decorations at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight carries various number decorations that will suit many parties and celebrations for kids and adults. From inflatable number balloons to cake decorations to table settings, we have number decorations for every year of birth and milestone occasions that require a decorated venue to celebrate with a room full of guests. Our stock is ever-changing so if we don't currently have what you're after, be sure to check back for new number decorations that are added to our online shop. Always be sure to visit your local Spotlight store to see which party decorations are on the shelves as stock may vary between online and in-store shopping.

What is included in the number decorations range?

Spotlight's range of number decorations come in the way of foil balloons, hanging decorations, candles, birthday and special occasion cards and table displays. Use numbers alone for occasions celebrating 1-9 years or create bigger numbers with the amount of numbers to make your milestone. Our number decorations stock may change with supply and demand or modern trends so be sure to keep us in mind when planning and decorating your next milestone birthday, anniversary or special event.

Which events would you use number decorations at?

Birthdays are probably the main occasion to use a number decoration. Milestone birthdays, such as the first, 18, 21, 30, 40 and so on are often celebrated as significant life events. Celebrating with a themed party with displays of number decorations, lets everyone know how special the day and birthday boy or girl is and how far they've come in their life. Other popular events to use number decorations are at wedding anniversaries. They are also handy for numbering tables at weddings, school dances, sporting events, charity fundraisers, fancy dress parties and office functions.

Which number decorations are best for a wedding?

Number decorations of the balloon type may not be appropriate for a wedding but number decorations do fit this special occasion. Wedding receptions traditionally include tables for guests to have dinner and to have a place to sit during the celebrations. To organise large amounts of people, numbering the tables is the common practise so everyone knows and remembers where they are sitting. Spotlight has several table number decorations that can be placed on each table or incorporated into the flower arrangements. Choose from simple designs to wooden scripts or floral features for your wedding reception number decorations.

Which number decorations are best for a wedding anniversary?

Milestone wedding anniversaries are honoured with big celebrations, which often includes a party with loved ones and close friends. Big displays of the number of years married is common for these life marks. When planning an anniversary, think large foil balloons, printed napkins and paper plates, stylish table numbers, number confetti, candles, cards and name placements for guests. Anniversary parties are often reserved for the biggest wedding anniversary milestones such as: 10 years, 25 years (silver anniversary), 40 years (ruby anniversary), 50 years (golden anniversary) and 60 years (diamond anniversary).

Which number decorations are best for a birthday?

Birthdays are cherished celebrations of one's life on this earth and each year, as one grows older, friends and family like to help commemorate the event. Children especially like to let everyone know how old they are and would love a room full of number decorations. Choose numbered bouquets of balloons as decorations and party favours for guests. Sprinkle number-shaped confetti on the tables, in gift cards and in party bags. Table numbers that match the birthday theme will work well to organise seating placements and add flair to the decor.



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