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Dress up your party venue with our great range of bunting flags, banners and signs for all occasions. Browse our various themes in-store at the lowest prices.

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What are banners bunting and signs used for?

Banners bunting and signs are used as announcements and decorations for parties, get-togethers and for welcoming guests. They are often used at birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary celebrations, office events, weddings, hens' nights and basically any gathering that needs a loud, brightly coloured shout out. Banners bunting and signs come in many styles, sizes, textures and colours to suit just about any party.

What's the difference between a banner, bunting and a sign?

A banner is a long, thin strip with words such as happy birthday, happy anniversary or welcome home, which is hung on a wall or from a ceiling as part of party decorations. Bunting is similar to a banner but it is usually in the shape of squares or triangles that hang from a long, horizontal piece of string. Bunting is popular at festivals, sporting events or as bedroom or playroom decor. A sign can come in many shapes and sizes and often, there is a space for your own message to be written on the face of the sign (such as a chalkboard).

Which is the best banner bunting and sign for a kids' birthday party?

Spotlight's banner bunting and sign collection has a huge selection perfect for kids' birthday parties. Kids love growing older and they are often so proud of the age they are celebrating. That's why Spotlight has a Happy Birthday banner that also includes your child's age in the middle so everyone will know exactly how old they are at their party. These age-centric banners come in many themes and styles to match your child's favourite colours and characters. Choose from Peppa Pig, Shopkins, Frozen, Spiderman, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Minions and other favourite television and movie themes.

Which banner bunting or sign is best for an adult party?

Party decorations aren't just for kids. Adults host so many different parties for so many occasions throughout their lives and Spotlight has a banner bunting or sign for each. For birthdays, there are several Happy Birthday banners that will add colour, sparkle and life to milestone birthdays or any age party celebrations. Office workers love to have parties for colleagues who are leaving for a new job or retirement and what better way to surprise them on their last day then with a banner bunting or sign when they arrive to work? Hang attractive bunting to spruce up a house warming party, baby shower or hens' night. Chalkboard signs are great for welcoming guests or displaying a dinner party menu.

Which licensed banner bunting and signs do Spotlight stock?

We have a great range of licensed party decorations that will enhance any kids' party. Choose banners with Disney brands like Star Wars, Frozen, Mickey Mouse or a multi-princess theme. We also have Spiderman, Batman, Cars, Minions, Avengers, Thomas and Friends and so many more of children's favourite brands and characters in our banners, bunting and signs party decoration collection.

Spotlight has so many banners, bunting and signs, is there an easy way to choose?

Yes, Spotlight does have a large range of banners, bunting and signs to choose from because we like to give our customers a wide range of choice. Everyone is different and every party and home decor will be themed to the preference of the host. To help with choosing the best banner bunting or sign for your party, start with the occasion. Next, choose your theme and finally, the colours. So, if you're hosting a 50th birthday party in a sports theme with blue and gold colours, look for a 50thHappy Birthday banner, blue and gold or yellow bunting and maybe a chalkboard sign welcoming your guests. Too easy.



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