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At Spotlight, customers can obtain a wide range of photo frames online. Our collection of cheap photo frames include A4 photo frames, A3 photo frames, 8 x 12 photo frames, family photo frames, and loads more. To learn more about our photo frame option and how to implement them in your home, be sure to read the information below.

How To Hang Photo Frames On A Wall Without Nails?

There are various ways to hang large photo frames and other photo frame sizes on the wall without having to use nails. One of the options is an adhesive, this includes options such as blue tack or command strip. Blue tack is relatively affordable but can leave oily marks on your wall once removed. Command strip is a little more expensive but does not leave the marks that blue tack does.

How To Open A Photo Frame?

Whether you purchase Australian collage photo frames, Melbourne photo frames, Perth photo frames or any other photo frame, opening a photo frame is usually similar across the board.

To open a photo frame, put the frame on a table with the backside facing upwards. Find the locks that keep the photograph in the frame. Turn the locks to remove the back from the frame and lift the back from the frame. Once the backing is removed, insert the photograph into the frame. Once you are happy with the position of the photograph, add the back to the frame and close the locks. Then, mount the photograph on your wall.

How To Arrange Photo Frames?

There are various ways in which you can position frames on your wall or on a flat surface in your home. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on positioning the photographs on the wall.

When you hang photographs on the wall, always make sure that the frames you use have one similar characteristic, this means you should solely use frames with the same colour or frames in the same style.

Once you have picked out your frames, you should look at the overall size of your photographs and the frames. You should hang your frames in a way they balance each other out. In other words, try to achieve some symmetry when you hang the photographs on the wall.

If you are unsure about the position you want to put the photographs in, you can 6----always draw your layout on a large sheet of paper. If you do not have a large sheet of paper, you can stick several white pieces of paper together. Then, add the photographs to the sheet of paper and take a photograph to evaluate the layout. If you are not happy with the layout, rearrange the frames until the desirable position is reached.

Please note that the layout of your frames will be subject to their location as well. For example, frames that are arranged along a staircase will be different than those arranged on a standalone wall.

What Colour Frame For Black And White Photos?

The best colour frame for black and white photographs should always be darker than usual. A black or a dark brown frame will provide a contrast with the lightness inside a black and white photograph. So, it will provide some of the best results.

Where To Buy Photo Frames Online?

Spotlight is the ideal place to purchase your photo frame online. Our photo frame prices are unmatched, and so is our range of frames we offer to our customers. To find out more about our collection of frames, please head over to the main catalogue.



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