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Customise Your Home with Our Bean Bag Covers and Stools

At Spotlight, you can regularly find bean bag covers and stools that can make your home just that little more functional. By choosing one of these items, you can make your living room more comfortable, or simply add a bit more to the style of your bathroom. Curious what Spotlight has to offer in terms of bag covers and stool? Find out in our overview below.

What Bean Bag Covers Are Available at Spotlight?

Customers can find numerous bean bag covers at Spotlight - this includes amazing options from Living Space! Living Space is a brand that is known for its contemporary and modern designs, which means our bean bag covers are perfect for customers with a modern and a contemporary home.

Bean bag covers are recommended for customers who want to make their living room or bedroom a little more stylish. In most cases, the customer already owns a bean bag, but wants to make that bean bag a little more colourful or modern. With the beanbag covers at Spotlight, customers have the perfect way to do that.

What Stools Are Available at Spotlight?

Customers can also find numerous stools at Spotlight, which could be obtained as an addition to the living room, lounge, or bedroom. Our range consists beautiful stools from brands such as Ombre Blu and Bouclair, giving customers the perfect options for traditional, contemporary, and even modern homes.

What Design Should I Choose for a Traditional Home?

Before you choose a design for your bean bag covers and stools, it is important to know the interior styles of your home. Traditional is one of three styles you can have a home, and this style is bound to affect how you choose your furniture, furniture covers, and accessories.

When you want something in a traditional style, it is usually recommended to stick with natural materials and warm colours. For example, a wooden footstool in a warm colour such as beige, red, warm white.

Of course, customers are not obligated to choose wood as a material, because there are other warm-looking materials that could be considered as traditional. However, it is not advised to choose a metal material, since this is a lot colder and usually does not fit traditional interiors. There are some exceptions to the rule though - for example, copper.

What Design Should I Choose for a Contemporary Home?

The beauty of a contemporary home is the fact that most styles and designs seem to fit in it. You could go for the warmer traditional options, but also for the colder modern items, since contemporary interiors allow both.

Of course, there is a thin line between traditional and old-fashioned, so be careful to choose some vintage items with a contemporary feel. For example, you can choose a wooden footstool, but the cover of the stool should have a bolder design. A good example of such a footstool is our Hot Buy Mex Stool.

Similar rules apply to bean bag covers available at Spotlight. For bean bag covers that will be used in contemporary homes, we suggest bean bag covers with a bold design. Once again, there is a fine line between traditional and contemporary, so try to go towards bolder patterns and colours. A good example of such a bean bag is the Living Space Zebra Print Bean Bag Cover.

What Design Should I Choose for a Modern Home?

Many people believe that choosing furniture, furniture covers, and accessories for a modern home is incredibly complicated, but it is easier than choosing items for a contemporary home. When it comes to modern homes, you usually have two dominant colours in your design. A good example of such a home is a modern interior with predominantly white and black colours.

When choosing items for a modern home, you must determine the two dominant colours in your interior. The object of a modern home is to create more contrast. Therefore, if you have a home that is predominantly white with some black accents, then it is suggested to choose black items to continue the contrast but maintain the uniformity in your home.

Where Can I Find Suitable Furniture and Furniture Covers for My Interior?

Spotlight has dedicated categories in its catalogue that features countless footstools, bean bag covers, and other items that could be used to add to your interior. In this catalogue, you can find suitable items for traditional, contemporary, and even modern interiors. So, we are sure you will find something to suit your needs.

Do you have any questions about the furniture, furniture covers, and accessories available at Spotlight? For more information about any of our products, please refer to the product description pages or contact the Spotlight team for additional info.



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