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How To Protect A Table Surface?

Tables can be made from valuable materials these days, so it is important to protect table surfaces as much as possible. Stains, scratches and chips are all things you need to protect your table against. So, how can you make sure your table stays as pristine as the day you purchased it.

How To Protect A Wooden Table?

Let's start with tips on how to protect a wooden table. Even though wood is a strong material, it can still be susceptible to damage. To keep a wooden table protected, here are some of the main tips to remember.

Sunlight - Wooden materials can be damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is therefore important to keep your table away from direct sunlight. Do not place it in front of a window that leaves in a lot of sunlight, as this will cause premature damage to your wooden table.

Use coasters - One of the most common types of damage to wooden tables is caused by water glasses. Think about how many wooden tables you have encountered with water rings and how impossible they are to remove. Therefore, coasters are absolutely essential for wooden tables.

Get a good tablecloth - If you are having a dinner party on a regular basis, it is recommended to use a tablecloth. Tablecloths form a barrier between your tableware and the table surface, preventing scratches and other kinds of damage.

How To Protect A Glass Table?

Glass has become one of the most popular materials for modern homes, so it is no surprise that you can find many dinner tables made from glass. Of course, they also need some special care when it comes down to damage prevention.

Coasters and placemats - Once again, you will need a good selection of coasters and placemats to protect the glass surface against scratches and other kinds of damage. Spotlight's range of placemats and coasters is bound to deliver some outstanding options for you to use.

Clean with a microfibre cloth - A glass table should only be cleaned with the right cleaning tools. To prevent scratches or other kinds of damage to the glass, it is recommended to clean the surface of the table with a microfibre cloth. It is also recommended to clean a glass table surface as much as you can, as any leftover dirt and grime can cause serious damage.

How To Protect A Stone Table?

Even though they are rarer than wood and glass tables, stone tables can be found in some households too. While natural stone can look stunning in any home, they require more maintenance than most other tables out there.

Cleaning solutions - Stone table surfaces can be cleaned with a variety of solutions, although abrasive cleaning products should be avoided at all cost. The table can be rinsed off with some clear water and a mixture of mild detergent and water can be used to remove any persistent stains.

Once you have cleaned a stone table surface with water or with a special cleaning solution, it is important to ensure the stone table is as dry as possible. The same applies to any spills, which should be cleaned up immediately.

For stone tables, products containing ammonia need to be avoided at all times. Ammonia products can cause your stone to discolour and could even cause serious damage. It is also advised to avoid any alkaline products.

Sealers - Since stone tables can be rather susceptible to moisture and a variety of products, it is important to treat a stone surface with some sealant from time to time. The sealant will protect the stone surface, but also prevent any discolouration and staining. It is recommended to apply the sealant annually.

Placemats And Coasters From Spotlight

Spotlight provides a large range of placemats and coasters, which are bound to provide good protection for any table surface. There are placemats in all kinds of materials, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your table surface.

In addition to the placemats and coasters in the Spotlight catalogue, you can also count on our catalogue to deliver various cleaning products for various table surfaces. We also provide tablecloths and different tableware, so you have a perfectly set table every time. So, be sure to check out the other categories to benefit from these supplies too?



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