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Get More From Your Hobby Room With These Top Design Tips

If you are looking at our range of crafting lighting options, then you are probably looking at ways to become a more efficient and precise crafter. Our lighting can certainly contribute to that, as it allows you to see your projects in greater detail.

Of course, there are some other ways to maximise your crafting skills and enjoy a more efficient crafting experience to boot. If you are interested to make your crafting more efficient, why not check out the top tips from our team below?

How Much Space Do I Need In The Hobby Room?

Most people have their own area where they can practice their favourite craft. Space within this room is certainly a factor, as you need storage as well as a work surface to practice your craft on. Therefore, it is always a good idea to maximise the amount of space you have.

If you have the opportunity to expand on your craft room, do not be afraid to do this. While it could be an investment to add some space to your existing hobby room, it does make your hobby room a pleasure to be in. It also opens the door for more storage space and even specialist crafting equipment you did not have the room for beforehand.

Naturally, not everyone has the space to add a few metres to their hobby room. Still, this does not mean you cannot maximise the space you have. Choose mounted storage options, stackable storage units, and other smart storage solutions to give yourself a little more room when you are crafting.

If you are creating a hobby room from scratch, it can be a good idea to put your ideas on paper first. Mark where everything is going to go and be sure to incorporate any light fixtures and electrical sockets. As some crafts require electrics, planning out your layout beforehand can prove tremendously valuable.

What Is The 'Work Triangle' In Crafting?

When you speak to crafters who live to create new things, you may have heard the term 'work triangle'. The principle of the work triangle is really simple. Basically, the work triangle consists of the three most important areas in your hobby room. For example, if you love sewing, then the three most important areas will be the workbench with your sewing machine, a dedicated location for hand sewing, and your supplies area.

To get the most from the 'work triangle', it is always a good idea to put the three most vital locations close to one another. For example, if you need another piece of fabric while you are working on your machine, then you do not have to run far if you need to grab some from your supply if it is right next to your workbench.

Which Workbench Or Desk Is Best For My Hobby Room?

Even though this can be subject to the specific craft you like to practice, a relatively long workbench with some storage cubicles incorporated in the design is usually the most practical option. If you are short on space, you can also look at an extendable table, which you only extend while you are working. For the rest of the time, you can pull the extensions back for easy manoeuvring.

How Do I Keep Things Organised?

We briefly touched on the subject of craft room organisation, but now it is time to go into a little more detail. Here are some of our tips to keep your hobby room organised and efficient.

Sorting by colour or size - To ensure you can find your supplies easily, it is often a good idea to organise by colour or size. If you are working with fabrics, colour organisation can prove the most efficient. If you are jewellery making, then you could consider the size organisation method.

Display your items - You do not have to put all your supplies in cupboards. In some cases, you can simply display them in some transparent glass jars. For example, if you have lots of charms for necklaces and bracelets, why not display them.

Stackable boxes - When you stack storage boxes, consider some transparent options, this allows you to see what is stored without having to move anything!



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