Step By Step Instructions On How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

If you're hard-pressed for linen or closet space and every inch counts - or if you simply like your cupboards to be tidy - then mastering the art of folding fitted sheets is a handy skill to have. The upshot of storing your fitted sheets nicely is, once it's time to put them on the bed, they look really good, rather than a wrinkled mess.

Bear in mind, if this is your first dalliance with learning how to fold a fitted sheet, it's likely the process might be initially confusing. But, like anything worth doing, practice makes perfect. Keep at it, and you'll be an expert in no time.

Hint: if you can, practice with a smaller sheet until you feel comfortable with the process. It's probably not a great idea to start with a king-size sheet - but kudos if you can master it straight off the bat without sending yourself bananas!

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Before we start, be aware these instructions read for people who are right-hand dominant. If you're a lefty, just use the opposite hand specified. When it's all said and done, though, go with whatever works best for you.

The first step is to turn the sheet inside-out the whole way around. In some circles, this is referred to as the 'wrong-side' of the sheet - the side that makes contact with you while you sleep is called the 'right-side'. You will know you have the sheet the correct way for folding when the right-side is facing you and the wrong-side is facing outwards, exposing the seams of the sheet and the care tag.

Master The Technique Of Folding Fitted Sheets


Take hold of the sheet lengthways on the same side, so that one hand is where the top of the sheet is when it's on the bed and your other hand is in the seam where your feet would be. With anything other than a single bed sheet, you should need to stretch a little bit extra to find the opposite corner.

If you don't need to stretch too far, you might be grabbing the width (the head-to-head part of the sheet) instead, so give it another try just to be sure.

Folding Fitted Sheets Can Be Easy


Take one edge of the sheet with your left hand in it and fold that corner over your right arm - the two wrong sides should be touching - and switch the seam from wrong-side-out to right-side-out. If you've got both corners over one hand and you have a rectangle shape, then you're on track.


Slide your left hand down the edge of the top layer to grab a third corner. Again, the wrong side will be facing out. Fold the left hand over the right, as you did with the first fold in the previous step #3.


Pick up the final corner with your left hand. Lay it over the top, left to right, and once again with the right-side facing out. All four corners of the sheet should be in your right (or preferred) hand.

You're likely to need to do some wiggling and jiggling of the sheet to make it a rectangular shape with the corners as symmetrical as possible.


Now comes the (relatively) easy part. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface - it could be a bed, it could be a table or even your floor (as long as the surface is clean, flat and stable). With the elastic hem facing upwards, place the corner where you had your hands, away from you. The baggy, uneven hem should be at the opposite corner.

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Folding Fitted Sheets Is A Handy Skill To Have


Spread the sheet out so it's nice and flat but also forms a rectangle or square shape (this is a matter of preference, as both will provide a similar end result.)


Fold the sheet in half (or thirds if you're folding queen bed sheets or king bed sheets), taking care to make sure it's as flat as possible as you fold. Keep folding the sheet - its size or your personal preference will dictate the folding - until you have a nice, even sheet that can stow away in your linen cupboard with minimal fuss.

Congratulations - you're now a master fitted sheet folder!

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