What Kinds Of Christmas Decorations Should I Use?

When it comes to decorating your home at Christmas time, the options out there are truly endless. Christmas ornaments, baubles, wreaths, tinsel, fairy lights, glitter… you have so much at your disposal, it's easy to create a unique décor theme every year!

But with so much to choose from, how do you narrow down which Christmas decorations to choose? This buying guide will walk you through the different kinds of Christmas ornaments you can find at Spotlight, as well as the different set-ups and home-décor styles they suit best.

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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

The tree is your decorating centrepiece at Christmas, and your chosen Christmas tree decorations can speak volumes depending on their colour, position and size. Common Christmas ornaments include:

  • Hanging baubles - while Christmas baubles look lovely hung all over the home, they are especially effective when hung from the branches of a Christmas tree. Baubles come in a rainbow of colours and patterns, making them easy to match to any theme. Traditional green, red and gold are always a strong choice, or you can go metallics with gold, silver and bronze, cooler tones with silver, blue and purple or modern with clear and tinted crystal and glass baubles.
    When placing your baubles, try to hang larger baubles and the bottom and smaller ones towards the top of your tree for a balanced look.
  • Wrapped tinsel - add some sparkle to your tree by wrapping it in an elegant tinsel garland. Tinsel adds a delightful shimmer perfect for the holidays, and it comes in a great range of colours. Snake your tinsel around the tree from bottom to top or in circular layers, spending on how long your garland is.
  • Fairy lights - brighten your tree with the warm glow of Christmas fairy lights! From classic gold to a cooler white and impressive colour-changing bulbs, our fairy lights are a must-have to create a warm and festive atmosphere around your tree. Wind them gently through your tree with plenty of space between each string, so as to create an open and inviting look.
  • Tree topper - the finishing piece of any Christmas tree is a Christmas tree topper, designed to both complement your other tree decorations and stand out from them! Star-shaped toppers are a popular tradition but there are plenty of more unique styles to choose from - angels, snowflakes and doves can also be seen atop many a tree.

You can find all the Christmas tree decorations you need at Spotlight, as well as artificial trees perfect for decorating. For more tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree, read our guide today.

Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Infuse your home with Christmas spirit by decorating it with our impressive array of Christmas home décor and accessories!

Christmas Table Decorations

While not everyone sits down at the table for dinner every night, Christmas is the exception for many Aussie families. Quite often our best crockery and cutlery are dusted off for this special event, but why not go the extra mile and create a special Christmas table setting? Protect your table with a Christmas tablecloth, then add beautiful Christmas themed dinnerware, Christmas drinkware and formal cutlery for your guests to use. Finally, add a table runner and some table decorations like candles, greenery and Christmas ornaments to turn your table from a piece of furniture into a detailed Christmas decoration!

For an in-depth dive into how to create an amazing Christmas table spread and all the Christmas table decorations needed, check out this project on How to Create a Christmas Table Setting.

Other Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Of course the rest of your home needs some Christmas love too - here are some beautiful Christmas decorating ideas for the rest of your home:

  • Windowsills - the small shelf of a windowsill is often an overlooked spot for decorating, but Christmas home ornaments like statuettes and globes are perfect for displaying on these small surfaces. Think snow globes catching the sunlight, metallic reindeer shapes or even small snowman, angel or Santa figures who are too small to make much impact elsewhere.
  • Wall décor - hanging a few buntings or wall garlands is a lovely way to add some colour and texture to what would otherwise be plain walls. Tinsel garlands work well for this, or you can find beautiful Christmas garlands featuring common Xmas decorations like baubles and poinsettia flowers. Hang them across a room or against a wall for instant Christmassy goodness!
  • Door stoppers - festive door stoppers are a wonderful way to add some cheer to your doorways and front hall, as well as keeping thresholds open for guests. They can also be used around the base of an unsteady tree to help keep it upright.
  • Christmas cushions - you can easily add a festive touch to your couch, chair or bed with stylish Christmas cushions in a variety of designs.

For more holiday and Christmas decorating ideas, check out our online celebrate blog!

Light Decorations For Christmas

Light Decorations For Christmas

Your choice of decorative lighting for Christmas plays a vital role in creating a cheery and warm atmosphere you and your guests will love celebrating in. Here are some lighting ideas we love at Christmas:

  • Fairy lights across walls and furniture - when it comes to Christmas fairy lights are king, as the amount of ways they can be utilised makes them a sure-fire way of achieving that delightful Christmas feeling you're looking for when you decorate. Wind them around chairs and along walls, up staircase rails and benches and hang them down from fixtures - as long as there are no tripping hazards, they'll work their magic anywhere.
  • Candles - the warm, flickering glow of Christmas candles makes it a favourite at Christmastime, especially when paired with festive scents like nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. While the illumination of candles can look great on your other decorations, make sure the flame has plenty of distance from anything flammable!

Christmas Wreath Ideas

A large and impressive piece of Christmas décor, the Christmas wreath is often placed on the front door or used as a table centrepiece due to its gorgeous colours and textures. While Spotlight offers many kinds of beautiful wreaths for sale, you can also make your own using craft supplies and a little help from our Christmas projects.

You can also hang a wreath suspended from the ceiling, which looks exceptional when done above the dining table - see how to make your own hanging wreath here!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you want to make the most of the warm summer weather and entertain outdoors on Christmas, there are plenty of Christmas decorations for outside you can use in your own backyard as well!

  • Inflatable decorations - our life-size inflatable Xmas decorations blow up fast and will quickly let your guests know it's the season to celebrate! They are perfect for your front lawn or backyard and are an easy way to fill space outdoors.
  • Lanterns and lights - create an ambient glow outdoors with our lighting and paper lanterns, perfect for hanging under your verandah and across balconies. Ensure any you choose to hang are strongly attached in case of wind - you don't want them flying into your guests!
  • Outdoor dining ware - minimise the chances of breakages with Spotlight's high-quality outdoor dinnerware. Our outdoor cutlery, bowls, plates and cups are perfect for easy entertaining on special occasions!
Christmas Decorations

How To Make Christmas Decorations

If you're feeling crafty this Christmas, why not try making some of your own Christmas ornaments? We have everything you need, plus heaps of Christmas projects suitable for crafters of any experience to have a go at - if you've ever wondered how to make Christmas decorations at home, we've happy to help!

Find Your Christmas Decorations At Spotlight

Whatever kinds of Christmas decorations you're looking for, you'll be able to find a great selection to suit your home at Spotlight! Check out the full range online, or visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect decorations.



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