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Can I buy Christmas decorations at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a great selection of Christmas decorations to make your home a festive wonderland every December. Shop in store or buy online early to avoid disappointment. Christmas decorations are hot seasonal items and we often sell out as everyone gets into holiday mode. Stock up on baubles, garland, lights and Santa figurines while they last!

When should you start putting up Christmas decorations?

When to put up the Christmas decorations can be a hot topic. People who love Christmas may put the decorations up in November so they can extend the Christmas season and enjoy it a little longer. Some families may choose to wait until closer to December 25 to decorate their house and yard for the holidays. Putting a Christmas tree up is probably the main decorative piece at this time of year and when to add it to your home is a personal decision. Decorating the tree can be a nice bonding activity for the family so be sure to schedule it for a day or evening when everyone can be involved.

Which Christmas decorations are best for a tree?

Traditionally, Christmas trees were decorated with stringed popcorn and berries but today, there are so many decorations to make your tree look festive and gorgeous. Fairy lights can make your Christmas tree twinkle and shine with clear or multi-coloured bulbs. If you're using lights, it's best to add them first. Next, wrap silver, gold, red or your favourite colour of garland around the tree to make it pretty. Then, you'll need a large amount of baubles and other Christmas decorations to hang evenly over the branches. And lastly, an angel or star for on top of the tree, which is usually a coveted job amongst children.

Should you have a colour theme when choosing your Christmas decorations?

Choosing a colour theme for your Christmas decorations can be a difficult decision and task. If you're after a Christmas that looks like it would feature in a magazine, choosing Christmas decorations that match your home's colour palette is the best design tip to follow. Blue and pink are not traditional Christmas colours but in modern times, they are popular hues for decorations and ornaments, especially for children's rooms. Red, gold, silver, green and white are the most chosen colours for Christmas colours and mixing and matching decorations in these shades will give your home a classic Christmas look and feel. Want to mix tradition and modern? Style your home in a rainbow of Christmas decorations and create your own custom.

Which Christmas decorations are most popular?

Almost everyone who celebrates Christmas will have a tree in their home during the holiday season. And a tree without decorations is not a Christmas tree. That's why tree ornaments are amongst some of the most popular and adored Christmas decorations in Spotlight's collection. Having a wide selection of tree trimmings are fun and they'll add character to your Christmas tree. Collecting Christmas decorations is a favourite pastime and hobby by Christmas fans and each year when they're unwrapped in preparation for decorating, a little magic spreads throughout hearts and homes.

Do Christmas decorations make good gifts?

Yes, we certainly think so. Anyone who loves Christmastime, loves decorations and the act of decorating so a gift of a Christmas tree ornament or home decoration would be a cherished gift to be used year after year. Christmas tree trimmings are often passed down between generations so family traditions can be kept going. Christmastime is a time for fun and family and a beautiful Christmas decoration or bauble can evoke memories of the past.



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