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A leading brand in electrical kitchen appliances and home appliances, Russell Hobbs is a well-loved presence in households all over the world. Russell Hobbs mixers, toasters, irons, kettles and microwaves are some of the best in the business, and have loads of small but handy features to make food and drink prep so much easier. At Spotlight we have a wonderful range of Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances for you to consider, as well as a few handy Russell Hobbs irons and steamers for clothing maintenance.

Trust Russell Hobbs To Make Your Kitchen Efficient

Russell Hobbs is a quality brand from the UK that was founded in 1951, and is known for its innovations in the business. They designed the world's first Russell Hobbs electric kettle, the first electric coffee percolator and many more electric kettle innovations after that.

Russell Hobbs Appliances FAQs

What kinds of Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances can I find at Spotlight?

You can find a wide range of Russel Hobbs appliances at Spotlight, including Russell Hobbs toasters, kettles, steam irons and regular irons, as well as more specific cooking appliances like Russell Hobbs microwaves, slow cookers, air fryers, blenders and sandwich presses. Each features a sleek and stylish design in modern colours like black, gold, royal blue and silver, with glass panelling in kettles and blenders as well.

How do I use a Russell Hobbs steamer?

A clothes steamer is a really useful tool for keeping your clothes clean and wrinkle-free when you don't have an iron and an ironing board. Not only does it function as a regular iron to flatten your clothing and neaten it up, but steamers can also help kill 99% of bacteria on fabric in under a minute. Start by hanging your clothing up with a hanger. Then simply plug in the steamer, fill it with water, select your setting and start steaming along your clothes!

How do I de-scale and clean my Russell Hobbs kettle?

Excess scale can cause your kettle to heat up slower, smell and even affect the taste of the water. Scale builds up from the minerals in your tap water - depending on where you live, scale may build up faster or slower than in other areas. There are several easy ways you can remove scale, and all are done with ingredients you probably already have at home. Boiling a few lemon slices in your kettle is one of the easiest ways to remove scale, although you may need to boil the kettle two or three times. You can also fill your kettle with half vinegar and half water, leave it overnight and pour out the mixture without boiling.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Add to your kitchenware collection with handy appliances from the following categories:

  • Food processors and mixers - create juices, smoothies and soups or even blend up pastry with the right food processor or mixer.
  • Toasters - toast bread, bagels and more in a quality two or four-slice toaster.
  • Irons and accessories - keep your clothes looking at their professional best with a quality iron or steamer.

For more amazing homewares, browse the full kitchen and dining collection online.

Find The Right Russell Hobbs Appliances At Spotlight

Enhance your home life with any of Spotlight's Russell Hobbs appliances today! Look through the brand online, where you can easily pay and have your order home delivered. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person. For a little help in navigating the world of kitchen appliances, read our kitchen appliances buying guide online! And don't forget to browse our ideas blog for creative, celebratory and decorative inspiration anyone can try at home.



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