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It's Time To Get Spooky With Spotlight!

Embrace the most terrifying time of the year with the help of Spotlight, your local party specialists! Whether your idea of Halloween is welcoming trick-or-treaters, a scary movie night or a costume party with friends, Spotlight has the Halloween costumes, decorations and party supplies you need to create a nail-biting night to remember.

What is Halloween, and where did Halloween originate from?

Halloween, also known as All Hallows' Eve or All Saints Eve, is celebrated on the 31st of October as the day before the Christian feast of All Saints Day. A day for remembering and revering the dead, Halloween started in Europe and spread to America, where it exploded in the late 20 and 21st centuries into the phenomenon we see across the globe today.

Halloween is celebrated in many different ways, but the most common way is to embrace and evoke all things spooky and scary! You can transform your home, your yard and yourself into something out of a horror movie to join in on the thrilling celebrations, and Spotlight is proud to offer you everything you need to involve yourself in Halloween this year.

Dreadful Decorations and Creepy Costumes

Creating the scariest Halloween experience means transforming your home and yourself from human into horrifying!

Halloween costumes and accessories

Here are some of the many ways you can go from benign to bone-chilling!

  • Adult and kids' Halloween costumes: Our range of costumes is legendary, and for good reason! Our adult and kids' Halloween costumes include all your favourite movie, TV and book characters, plus scary staples like witches, zombies, vampires and werewolves. Browse through our Halloween costumes and bring your Halloween costume ideas to life!
  • Halloween makeup and body paint: A bleeding mouth, bruised eyes, rotting skin or exposed boneā€¦ all of these scary looks can be created with the right application of special makeup and body paint. We have dedicated sets for creating specific looks, as well as individual palettes and paints available so you can pick and choose what you need to create the look you're after. Check out our blog on Halloween makeup tutorials for some ideas!
  • Halloween props and accessories: The right prop or accessory will take your Halloween costume to the next level. Popular props and accessories include a devil's pitchfork, a fake bloody knife, a terrifying Halloween mask or a dramatic black cape. If you're stuck for Halloween costume ideas, pick a prop you love and build your Halloween costume around it!

Halloween decorations

Once you are feeling like your scariest self, it's time to transform the rest of your home into a monster mansion! Our party supplies include everything you need for home party decorating, including:

  • BOO-tiful balloons: It ain't a party without balloons, so make sure to deck out your home with a selection of our Halloween balloons. Spread them out on the floor or bunch them together in stylish bouquets - Halloween colours like purple, green and orange always look great together!
  • Indoor decorations: Create a house of horrors with black lace table runners, faux cobwebs and creepy crawlies, hanging chains and dangling ghosts! Make sure every nook and cranny features something spooky to really immerse your guests in the spirit of Halloween.
  • Outdoor decorations: Welcome trick-or-treaters by ensuring the outside of your home is just as scary as the inside! Adorn your front door and porch with faux cobwebs and jack o' lanterns, while your front yard will benefit from our faux tombstones and loose bone sets.
  • Halloween craft decor: Put a personal touch on your Halloween decorations by making your own! If you're wondering how to make Halloween decorations, we have a huge range of DIY Halloween decorations and Halloween craft projects for you to try!

Fang-tastic Food

No matter if you're giving them out to trick-or-treaters or just enjoying them with your friends, Halloween treats are a signature element of this spooky celebration.

Halloween lollies

Make trick-or-treaters happy by giving them quality lollies and treats throughout the night!

  • Halloween confectionery: Easy to give out and delicious to eat, our Halloween confectionery is the perfect treat for eager door-knockers on Halloween night.
  • Halloween treat buckets: If you're going trick or treating yourself, make sure to keep your hard-earned lollies safe and secure in any of our spooky Halloween treat buckets.

Halloween baking

Did you know Halloween is one of the best times to unleash your inner baker? Home-baked goodies are so much fun to make during Halloween, and the spooky decorating is the best part!

  • Halloween baking accessories: you can find everything you need to create some gruesome goodies at home including baking trays, cutting tools, rolling pins, icing, edible decor and more.
  • Halloween chocolate making: did you know you can create your own tasty chocolate candies at home with our chocolate making supplies? Find white, milk and dark chocolate chips here, as well as powders for adding colour to white chocolate and moulds for creating amazing shapes and designs.
  • Halloween cupcakes and cookies: two of the most popular (and delicious) treats you can make yourself are Halloween cookies and cupcakes! Here are some recipes you can try:

Browse our Halloween projects for heaps of other Halloween cake and slice recipes!

Find the scariest Halloween supplies at Spotlight

Celebrate Halloween in style by grabbing yourself some scary supplies from Spotlight! You can browse our entire Halloween collection online, pay your way and we'll deliver your Halloween supplies straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your spooky shopping in person.

If you need some inspiration to plan your own Halloween party, check out our blog on throwing the ultimate Halloween party (or how to throw a last-minute Halloween party if you've left it a little late). And make sure you are making smart purchases for your party needs by consulting our buying guides on cake decorating tools, cake toppings, party decorations and party tableware.



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