Easy Halloween makeup tutorials to try this spooky season

Easy Halloween makeup tutorials to try this spooky season

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try This Spooky Season

The right makeup can take your costume from slightly spooky to full-on terrifying! But creating a full face of Halloween makeup can be intimidating, especially if you aren't too familiar with using makeup and body paint yourself. That's why Spotlight has created a couple of in-depth videos showing how to create two Halloween makeup looks that can be paired with a Spotlight Halloween costume to create complete outfits.

Check out the videos below to learn how to create a green-skinned witch look and a decaying zombie look, as well as for a complete list of materials you need and projects we recommend to really take your Halloween costume to the next level!

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Wicked Witch Makeup Tutorial

With iconic green skin, scary makeup and a pointed nose, this witch makeup tutorial will transform you from simple to spellbinding! You'll learn how to use scar wax to create artificial cheekbones and a nose, as well as the importance of blending, contouring and layering when creating the gaunt cheekbones of this terrifying witch.

For this Halloween makeup look, you'll need:

  • Makeup applicator sponge
  • Makeup applicator brushes (large and small)
  • BYS Liquid Latex
  • BYS Scar Wax
  • BYS Green Face & Body Paint
  • BYS Zombie Colour Wheel
  • BYS Black Eyeliner
  • BYS Black Lipstick
  • BYS Finishing Powder

Witch makeup

Once you have your makeup done, why not add to your costume by making your own accessories? Our Halloween spell book and felt witch's hat projects will help you create two unique props that go perfectly with a classic witch costume. And don't forget to find a scary witch dress and long wig for the ultimate Halloween look. Explore our adult costumes range to find the perfect outfit today!

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Zombie Makeup Tutorial

With seemingly rotting skin, old bruises and open wounds, this zombie makeup look will make you look positively ghoulish! This easy Halloween makeup tutorial will show you how to create realistic open wounds using liquid latex and paint, as well as the importance of blending when creating realistic-looking bruises and shadows on the skin.

For this Halloween makeup look, you'll need:

  • Makeup applicator sponge
  • Stipple sponge
  • BYS Liquid Latex
  • BYS Zombie Colour Wheel
  • Small metal scraper/spatula
  • BYS White Liquid Foundation
  • BYS Cuts & Scratches Colour Wheel
  • BYS Dirt Powder
  • BYS Liquid Blood
  • BYS Clotted Blood

Zombie makeup

Want to really gross out your guests? Keep the zombie theme going with some deliciously disgusting treats, like our zombie cupcakes and zombie feast projects. For your costume, you can dirty up some of your old clothes or choose any of our scary zombie outfits from our adult costume range for a quick and effective outfit.

Complete Your Halloween Makeup Looks With Spotlight

If you're ready to try these Halloween makeup looks, check out our makeup and body paint selection online or at your nearest Spotlight store to find everything you need. And if you love getting crafty on Halloween, don't forget to have a look at our many amazing Halloween projects! Spotlight is the home of Halloween and has everything you need for a spooky celebration. Browse the Halloween range and get inspired for your look this year.




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