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Give your dining ware a refresh with our selection of Stanley Rogers cutlery and knives. Shop Stanley Rogers cutlery & utensils on sale at Spotlight.

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Enjoy Quality Stanley Rogers Cutlery On Sale At Spotlight

As one of Australia's favourite cutlery brands, Stanley Rogers has been providing Australians with high-quality cutlery since 1930 in Melbourne. At Spotlight we are proud to offer you a great range of Stanley Rogers cutlery sets, as well as Stanely Rogers knife sets and blocks for your kitchen and dining room, all for amazingly affordable prices! Our Stanley Rogers cutlery sets are all polished to a high sheen and are made from light, durable stainless steel. Try Stanley Rogers cutlery today, and see why it is so loved in Australia for yourself!

Discover the Range of Stanley Rogers Cutlery Sets Sets, Knife Blocks & More

Whether you are buying cutlery pieces for your first home or have decided to refresh your old cutlery sets, Stanley Rogers cutlery from Spotlight is the perfect choice for you! At Spotlight you can find:

  • Stanley Rogers cutlery sets - choose from 16 and 30-piece cutlery sets to suit the size of your household in beautiful stainless steel. These sets include knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons and dessert spoons.
  • Stanley Rogers knife sets - a Stankey Rogers steak knife set comes with a number of quality serrated knives that will cut through your proteins easily.
  • Staley Rodgers knife blocks - keep all your utility knives in one place with a Stanley Rogers knives storage block. Choose from modern stainless steel or charming acacia wood blocks for your chosen knives, which include a paring, utility, carving, bread and chef's knife.

Stanley Rogers FAQ

How do I clean my Stanley Rogers cutlery?

All of Spotlight's Stanley Rogers cutlery is dishwasher safe, although to keep them in their best condition you should never leave them to air dry after wet - instead, remove cutlery from the rack, dry them with a tea towel and then store away. Never use steel wool or leave acidic food remains on the cutlery for extended periods of time, as this can damage the coating.

What size Stanley Rogers cutlery set should I get?

The size of the Stanley Rogers cutlery set you choose will depend on how many people you have in your household, and how often you will be washing your cutlery.

Couples will find the 16-piece set perfect if cutlery is hand washed every night, whereas a larger 30-piece set may be needed if cutlery is put into a dishwasher to be washed a few days later.

Larger families of four or more should start with the 30-piece set straight away.

Is Stanley Rogers an Australian brand?

The original Stanley Rodgers immigrated to Australia in 1926 and his company was owned by his family until 1998, when it was then acquired by Onedia, one of the largest cutlery manufacturers in the world. Since 2014 the Stanley Rogers brand has been owned by German supplier Facklemann Housewares, the world's largest manufacturer of kitchen gadgets and tools. The Stanley Rogers designers still strive today to honour the elegant style of Stanley's original pieces, and it remains one the most popular cutlery brands in Australia, thanks to its native roots and timeless design.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen & Table Set Up At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Stanley Rogers Cutlery At Spotlight

We know you'll love any of the beautiful Stanley Rogers cutlery sets from Spotlight! Order online and have yours home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the Stanley Rogers cutlery range in person. For more tips and kitchen inspiration, check out our ideas blog online! And don't forget to browse our kitchen and dining buying guides including the kitchen knives buying guide for extra information on what you need to buy for your household.



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