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How Do I Choose The Best Curtain Pole?

While selecting a good curtain pole for your home may appear like a straightforward task, a lot of people find that their curtains do not have the right drape or hang. To ensure the curtain pole does your curtains justice, there are some things to take into consideration when it comes to its selection. Read on to find out how you choose the best curtain pole for your home.

What Diameter Should My Curtain Pole Be?

One of the common mistakes made during the selection of curtain poles relates to the diameter. When you choose a certain diameter, it must be thick enough to carry the weight of your curtains. So, if you have heavier curtains, it would make little sense to choose a pole with a diameter less than 2.5 centimetres.

Some thinner curtain poles can carry heavier curtains, although they may start to bow under the weight of your curtains. Naturally, this does little for the aesthetics of your curtains and can make your room look less beautiful. As a general rule, always choose a curtain pole that has a good diameter to add to its strength.

How Do I Get The Desired Curtain Pole Length?

The length of your curtain pole is important too during your selection, especially when you consider it must hold the curtains in the right position to cover your window properly. But how do you determine the exact length your curtain pole should be?

To determine the desired length of your curtain pole, always measure beyond your window frame. Ideally, you want to measure 7 to 15 centimetres above your window frame, this is usually the area where you curtain pole is installed.

Installing your curtain pole above your window frame comes with several advantages. Firstly, it makes your window appear longer and more majestic. It also allows more light in when your curtains are open. When you place a curtain pole on the window frame, the curtains can block some of the light when they are opened.

Please note that not all curtain poles come in a fixed length. Certain curtain poles can be extended and adjusted to reach the measurements you require. So, if you are unsure about a fixed-length curtain pole, simply choose an extendable one for some extra give.

With the extended rods, we must mention that they can be less strong than the fixed options. Extendable rods have several parts, and this can somewhat weaken its overall construction. Take this into consideration when you select the diameter of an extendable curtain rod.

Which Support Brackets Do I Need For My Curtain Pole?

Unless you have an extendable curtain pole that can be held in place by one wall either side, you will need some brackets to install your new curtain pole. Your choice of brackets is often personal preference, as there are various shapes, designs, and sizes available these days.

One thing to remember about your brackets is that they should support your curtain pole properly. Make sure your brackets have enough space for the rod, without them falling out or not fitting properly. So, always check your curtain pole diameter before you order your brackets.

Which Colour Or Material Of Curtain Pole Will Fit My Interior?

There are several ways to approach this problem. One of the ways to select your curtain pole colour is by looking at your existing furniture. If you like your home to have a designer look, it is recommended to match up the colour of your curtain pole with the darkest furniture in the home. For example, if your darkest furniture is black, you could consider a black curtain pole.

If you do not like colours that are too shocking or too contrast in nature, you can match the colour of your curtain pole with your curtains. By choosing a similar shade, you can make your curtains and the pole blend beautifully.

Which Curtain Poles Can I Acquire At Spotlight?

Spotlight has a stunning range of curtain poles, this ranges from materials such as wood to metal. We also provide brackets and extendable rod accessories, ensuring you can find everything you need for your home right here!



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