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Whether you want to knit some baby booties or some baby socks, the Bella Baby yarn range is perfect for this type of project. Shop the Bella Baby yarns at Spotlight.

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Enjoy Delightful Bella Baby Yarn From Spotlight

Planning on knitting or crocheting some goodies for a baby in your life? Start the process with any of the delightful yarn skeins from the Bella Baby yarn collection at Spotlight! These yarns are designed to be used for creating clothes and accessories that are safe for babies to wear, and are easy to clean and wash so every garment can be enjoyed again and again.

The types of Bella Baby yarn

Bella baby yarn can be made out of a variety of materials, including blends.

  • Cotton: Classic cotton yarn is soft, breathable and perfect for all seasons! 4-ply cotton yarn is the most common type you'll see in the Bella Baby collection.
  • Acrylic: This synthetic material is super easy to clean and is durable, strong and lightweight. It comes in an amazing range of colours too!
  • Polyester: This all-rounder material is perfect for all kinds of garments, as it feels very soft and is easy to wash.
  • Merino wool: Known for its extreme softness, merino wool yarn can be used to create garments that will keep babies soft and cosy. Bella baby wool yarn is easy to work with too!
  • Acrylic/nylon: This durable blend combines the lightness and strength of acrylic with the stretchiness and flexibility of nylon.
  • Acrylic/polyester: Blend acrylic and polyester for a long-lasting, strong and lightweight yarn that is easy to dye in any colour.
  • Wool/acrylic: The addition of acrylic gives wool yarn a little more flexibility and smoothness while keeping its warmth and soft feel.

These materials are also great for use in needle art projects.

Bella Baby yarn FAQs

What unique colours are in the Bella Baby range?

Bella Baby yarn comes in all the classic colours, but there are some more unusual ones to keep an eye out for, such as their Wonder Bright Spot yarn (creamy white with rainbow spots), their Pebble yarn (which features fluffy coloured spots along the length of the yarn) and the Chenille polyester yarn (which has a soft, fluffy look just like a chenille stick).

What is baby yarn?

The term 'baby yarn' refers to yarn that has been designed for use in clothing that will be worn by babies. Baby yarn usually has two properties - it will be very soft and it should be easy to clean.

What can I make with Bella Baby yarn?

Bella Baby knitting yarn can be used to make all kinds of knitted and crochet items but is designed to be used in making baby clothes and accessories like beanies, booties, socks, onesies and jumpers.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have an amazing range of yarns for you to choose from at Spotlight, which include:

  • Acrylic yarn: Brightly coloured and easy to care for, you'll love creating all sorts of clothing and crafts using our range of acrylic yarn!
  • Wool blend yarns: The ultimate material for softness, warmth and breathability, wool blend yarns are great for making warmer clothing and accessories.
  • Cotton knitting yarn: Light, soft and perfect for use in any temperature, cotton knitting yarn is a must-have in your personal yarn collection.

For more types of yarn, as well as handy yarn packs, make sure to browse our full yarn range online.

Find the right Bella Baby yarn at Spotlight

Fallen in love with Bella Baby yarn? Choose yours online, safely pay and we'll deliver your baby yarn straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the baby knitting yarn for your next project.

For more art and craft ideas, make sure to look through our baby projects online. And get all the information you need on needle art in our yarn, hook and needle buying guides!



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