Cotton Knitting Yarn

The knitting cotton yarn range from Spotlight is breathable, water absorbent, machine washable, and super soft. Shop our colourful cotton yarn today!

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Can I purchase cotton knitting yarn at Spotlight?

Yes, our large selection of yarns here at Spotlight includes cotton yarns, as well as wool, acrylic, blended yarns and novelty yarns. Cotton yarn is very popular because it has a lovely soft feel, comes in a wide variety of colours, and its natural properties make it ideal for many projects including adult, child and baby clothes, blankets, decorations and more. Cotton knitting yarn is available in loose balls, but there is also a multi-coloured pack of mini knitting yarn balls, ideal if you are starting out or want to use different colours in your project.

What are the benefits of using cotton yarn?

Here are some of the benefits of using cotton knitting yarn:

  • Breathable - cotton yarn is excellent for making lightweight, breathable garments that are comfortable to wear next to your skin.
  • Stitch Definition - because cotton is inelastic, it naturally settles into a relaxed position, which gives fantastic stitch definition - letting every detail of your knitting stitches stand out beautifully.
  • Water Absorbent - cotton is great at absorbing water, which makes it ideal for creating washcloths and dishcloths. It also means it can be dyed easily, so you can find a large range of colours.
  • Machine Washable - cotton can be washed in the washing machine, and even be dried in the tumble dryer, although it is recommended to take your cotton items out before they are completely dry, and let them finish drying on a flat surface, to avoid them losing their shape.
  • Durable - cotton is durable and still soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. For extra heavy-duty projects such as tablecloths, you can also use mercerised cotton, which has undergone a chemical treatment to make it even stronger as well as giving it a lovely lustre (shine).

What types of cotton knitting yarn are available at Spotlight?

Like our wool and acrylic yarns, cotton knitting yarn comes in a number of different thicknesses, also called ply. Most common are 4 ply and 8 ply, which are used for many types of garments, baby blankets, shawls, cushion covers, toys and more. Cotton knitting yarn is available in a wide range of colours including soft pastels and vibrant colours, as well as white and black, and also in variegated varieties (where the colour of the thread changes between several colours to give an interesting and individual effect to your finished product).

Does Spotlight sell other types of yarn too?

Yes, browse our huge range of yarns to find wool, acrylic, cotton and blended yarns as well as novelty yarns and specialist yarns for all your knitting, crochet and craft projects.



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