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Enjoy long-lasting comfort and durability with a quality wool pillow from Spotlight. Shop wool pillows from leading brands today.

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Sleep Soundly On A Wool Pillow From Spotlight

For a pillow that is comfortable to use all year round, choose a quality Australian wool pillow from Spotlight! Our wool and wool blend pillows are suitable for side, back and front sleepers, and when cared for will last you many years.

Select your wool pillows from trusted brands such as Logan & Mason, Ever Rest and Brampton House for a wool pillow you know you'll love.


The benefits of wool

Wool is one of our favourite bedding materials, and here's why:

  • Wool is breathable: Air can freely circulate in a wool pillow, meaning you don't need to worry about stale, stuffy and moist air sticking around inside the pillow.
  • Wool wicks away moisture: Wool wicks away moisture into the air so it can evaporate, leaving your pillow dry and creating an inhospitable environment for moisture-loving bacteria.
  • Wool is water-repellant and fire-resistant: Your wool pillow is tougher than you think! Wool repels water and chars into a fireproof glut when exposed to flames, making it a great material for travelling with. It also means wool pillows don't need any fire retardants to be added.
  • Wool is durable: When cared for correctly, wool is a very durable material! Airing your wool pillow out, vacuuming it and occasionally washing it will ensure it lasts you many years.


Wool pillow FAQ

What is a wool pillow?

A wool pillow is a bed pillow filled with cleaned and treated wool. Sheep's wool is the most commonly used pillow filling, although wool from animals like llamas and goats has also been known to be used. Wool pillows are suitable for use all year round.


How to wash a wool pillow

Wool pillows can be aired in the sun to restore their loft and eliminate any retained moisture. If you need to deep clean your wool pillow, you can wash it in a machine set to a gentle cycle using cool water and a wool-friendly detergent. Do not spin dry - instead, air dry your wool pillow outdoors. You can also hand wash your wool pillow in a large sink or bucket in cool water with the right detergent. Simply agitate the pillow with your hands, rinse off with cool water and air dry as normal.


Are wool pillows hypoallergenic?

Unless you are specifically allergic to wool, wool pillows are unlikely to aggravate allergies and are also helpful for those with asthma. Because wool is breathable and wicks away moisture, the damp and humid conditions needed by bacteria, mould and dust mites to thrive are unavailable - so all the factors that cause allergens won't be present in a wool pillow.


What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find the right wool pillow at Spotlight

Once you've found the perfect Australian wool pillow, buy it online and we'll deliver it straight to your front door! You can also visit your local Spotlight store to choose your new wool pillow in person.

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