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Add a touch of texture and style to your home with beautiful European pillowcases. Shop European pillowcases in a range of colours at Spotlight now.

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Discover Stylish European Pillowcases At Spotlight

Show off your favourite European pillows in any of the amazing European pillowcases you can find at Spotlight. European pillows look fabulous on a bed or couch, and the right European pillowcase can really tie the look of your space together. From crisp linen European pillowcases to textured and soft European pillowcases, you can find the perfect European pillowcase for your home at Spotlight!

The best European pillowcase materials

You can choose from a wide range of quality materials for your European pillowcases. Keep an eye out for:

  • Linen European pillowcases: Crisp, durable and stylish, linen European pillowcases will give your home deluxe hotel levels of luxury! Our linen pillowcases come in a great range of colours, from neutrals like charcoal and silver to bold oranges and pinks to suit your home.
  • Cotton European pillowcases: A soft and strong material, cotton is one of our favourite European pillowcase materials. Cotton is very easy to dye, so you can find European cotton pillowcases in all sorts of vibrant colours and patterns.
  • Polyester European pillowcases: Super soft and easy to clean, polyester European pillowcases are a solid choice for any household. You can find polyester European pillowcases featuring all sorts of prints and designs to match your home decor theme.

Look for reputable brands like Linen House, KOO and Logan & Mason to ensure you're getting a European pillowcase you know you'll love!

European Pillowcase FAQ

What is a European pillowcase?

A European pillowcase is a square pillowcase designed to fit a European pillow. European pillowcases can be made from a range of natural and synthetic materials like cotton, linen and polyester, and can be found in a great variety of colours, patterns and prints.

What size is a European pillowcase?

European pillowcases will be square to fit a standard European pillow, which generally will measure 65 x 65cm each way. You can find smaller and larger sizes, but the key to a European pillowcase is that they are always square - any increase in the width or length will mean the pillow is turning into a standard bed pillow.

How do I care for a European pillowcase?

European pillowcases can be washed the same as a standard bed pillowcase, although you should always check the label on your pillowcase to see the best way. Most European pillowcases can be machine washed, but European pillowcases made of delicate materials like satin and silk should be hand washed instead.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of pillowcases for your home at Spotlight, including:

  • Standard pillowcase: For the pillows you sleep on, which we call standard bed pillows, choose a quality standard pillowcase from our range here!
  • Silk and satin pillowcases: Cool and smooth, satin and silk pillowcases are amazing to sleep on - both for quality of sleep and for your hair and skin.
  • Specialty pillowcases: If you have special pillows at home like v-shaped pillows, neck pillows and bolster/body pillows, you can cover them in a stylish specialty pillowcase from this category.

Check out the whole range of pillowcases online or in-store today!

Find the right European pillowcases at Spotlight

Style your European pillows with the best European pillowcases from Spotlight. Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your European pillowcases straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your European pillowcases in person.

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