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Augment your cooking with a quality Mistral appliance from Spotlight! Mistral kitchenware is designed to make cooking easier with the help of technology, allowing you to blend, press, fry, bake and stew your food with the touch of a button.

At Spotlight we have a great variety of Mistral appliances available for you to choose from, all at affordable prices, which means anyone can cook healthy and delicious meals with the right tools.

Choose Quality and Trusted Mistral Kitchen Appliances For Your Home

Mistral is an Australian-owned brand that has been supplying the nation with quality cookware since 1968. With a focus on reliability and functionality, Mistral cookware is designed to make cooking and food prep as easy as possible. Developed for everyday use, Mistral appliances are durable, easy to clean and simple to use - try one today and discover the wealth of useful tools Mistral has to offer!

Mistral FAQs

Do I need a Mistral buffet food warmer?

While a food warmer might seem like the kind of thing you'd only see at a buffet or restaurant, they're actually quite handy to have at home too! If you are entertaining guests and don't want to spend the whole time babysitting your hot food, keep your food warm and ready to serve in a buffet food warmer. You and your guests can enjoy hot food all night, without having to touch the microwave, stove or oven!

What can I make using the Mistral Microwave Air Fryer Oven?

More than the classic microwave and even more useful than the beloved air fryer, Mistral's Microwave Air Fryer Oven has a 30L capacity and six different uses! It has air-fry, grill and microwave settings that you can use in combination to create all sorts of delicious and healthy meals, and can also be used to dehydrate fruits and veg, make yogurt and even slow-cook meat.

Is Mistral an Australian brand?

Mistral is a proudly Australian-owned brand and has been for all of its life. Mistral has sponsored Australian sports teams and worldwide endeavours, and has been an important part of Aussie households for decades.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

If you love the Mistral brand, why not check out some of the other cookware we offer at Spotlight?

  • Food processors and mixers - the days of mixing with a spoon by hand are long gone! Have your ingredients mixed, blended and pureed in a matter of seconds and save time in the kitchen with a food processor or stand mixer.
  • Woks and frypans - fry, saute and caramelize with ease using any of our quality fry pans and woks.
  • Grills and mini ovens - create delicious roasts and baked goods without heating up your kitchen with any of our mini ovens and grills. Perfect for small batches when you just need something delicious, fast!

Discover all our kitchen and diningware online or in-store!

Find The Right Mistral Appliances At Spotlight

You'll be able to find the perfect Mistral air fryer, blender, food processor and other appliances for your needs at your local Spotlight store! You can also shop online and have your mistral appliances home delivered instead. For a little more insight into choosing the right kitchen appliances, read our online buying guide. And for fun home and dining inspiration and expert tricks, browse our ideas blog today!



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