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Setting up a nursery with the right manchester for your precious baby is not just a matter of choosing baby blankets and sheet sets. The right items for swaddling and wrapping will go a long way in helping soothe and settle your baby when they're in distress, either at home or when out and about.

Choosing the best baby blanket, throw or wrap


Having baby throws, wraps and blankets in different materials of various thicknesses is sensible because it means you can swap and change according to the weather. It's very easy for a baby to overheat, not to mention dangerous, so bear that in mind at all times. In fact, it's recommended that babies under 12 months of age should sleep under loose, rather than tight, baby blankets and bedding.

Natural fibres, such as cottons or linen, are great for regulating a baby's body temperature. You will find that the majority of baby coverlets and quilt covers are made from cotton or a cotton blend.

One of the most popular kinds of fabric for babies is muslin, which is a form of cotton but one that comes in a looser, more open weave. Muslin is notably for its lightness, breathability and its ability to stretch as a baby does without losing its shape.


If you choose baby muslin wraps, you're guaranteed excellent breathability but there's a simple way to check the breathability of other blankets and materials. Hold the blanket up to a fan or air vent and see if you can feel the air coming through. The level of air you feel will tell you how breathable the material is: not a lot of air means not very breathable, whereas a lot of air means extremely breathable. This is also a good tactic for choosing the right baby blanket to suit the weather.


All baby blankets should be free from attachments such as beading, tassels, ribbons and buttons. These kinds of trinkets can be a potential tangling and choking hazard for babies, so avoid them at all costs.

Cleaning and caring for baby blankets, throws and wraps

Nursery throws, blankets and wraps are available in a selection of materials, each of which has been designed to keep your baby safe and snug. They will all come with their individual care instructions, so you need to make sure you check the manufacturer's label before washing.

Generally, the majority of these items are machine-washable, and we recommend washing alone or with similar colours. However, it is advised you only use laundry detergents that are hypoallergenic and baby-safe to avoid allergic reactions, which means steering clear of other harsh chemicals too, such as chlorine or bleach.

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