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Turn any baby nursery into a place of wonder and imagination with the right nursery décor and baby accessories.

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There are the standard baby bedding and cot inclusions you'll find in every baby nursery (that can be gorgeous in their own right) - from nursery sheet sets to coverlets, quilt covers, muslin wraps and softer-than-soft baby blankets - but it's in the broader details of your nursery décor where you get to produce its character, and it doesn't have to cost you much if you choose carefully.

Top nursery accessories and décor for every baby


Even when your baby is under 12 months of age and it's unsafe to have cushions positioned in their cot, they'll still love looking around the nursery and spying many cushions and pillows in different novelty shapes, patterns and colours that will stimulate their developing minds and vision.

Just like plush toys, these cushions might be in the shape of animals, like koalas, or they could have text written on them or be used to pick up accents in the nursery's colour scheme. As the baby starts crawling and toddling, they'll get a kick out of flopping on these cushions on their nursery floor.


Regardless of whether you've got carpet or polished floorboards in your baby nursery, introducing a rug - or even multiple rugs - into your baby room can be fun and inviting. Rugs come in different shapes and sizes, and also different textures - from really shaggy to low pile - which means you can use them to come up with a landscape of rugs on the nursery floor.

Be bold and combine patterns with plain colours, and rectangles with circles, for a nursery design that activates young, developing brains.


You may already have furniture lying around the home that can be repurposed through reupholstering for your baby room. For instance, consider covering an old sitting chair with cute fabric and then use that same fabric to make some other nursery accessories such as cushion covers, a lampshade or even stretched over a canvas and mounted as wall art.

Everything old can be new again - and harmonised into the same theme, specifically for your baby - if you employ some do-it-yourself creativity.

Theming your nursery

Creating a theme for your baby nursery means developing an immersive environment for baby that will stimulate their senses as they grow. Colour, pattern and light are all important elements that will register in your baby's brain and encourage them to start thinking in imaginative ways.

A theme also helps with synchronising all the elements of your baby nursery, so everything comes together as one, including quilt covers, throws or baby blankets and muslin wraps. It might be as simple as introducing an integrated colour palette into your baby room - because that's a theme in itself - or you may choose to transport your child somewhere else like a jungle, or a beach or into outer space or somewhere over the rainbow.

There are many themed products you can buy from the Disney, superhero, entertainment and literary worlds, such as May Gibbs' bush babies, that make coming up with a theme easier.

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