Nursery Sheet Sets

New parents-to-be will adore our nursery cot sheet sets for the cosiest of cots where babies can drift off into dreamland. Pamper your baby with Spotlight's range of adorable nursery cot sheet sets! Explore our huge range of nursery bed sets in-store or online now!

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What to Expect From the Cot Sheet Set Range?

From cot sheet sets to coverlets, quilt covers, throws or baby blankets, muslin wraps and other baby accessories, you can create the cuddliest and most comforting of baby nursery nooks so your little one has a safe place to sleep and grow.

Unlike other sheets sets for adults or even kids, nursery sets come with just a top sheet and a bottom sheet - no pillowcase. You might choose to not even use the top sheet and let your baby feel their coverlet, quilt cover or favourite throw or baby blanket against their skin. However, the bottom sheet is very important for hygiene and should fit tight around the mattress to avoid the risk of suffocation, overheating and even SIDS (sadly, loose sheets have been associated with SIDS in babies under 12 months of age).

Choose from beautiful cot sheet sets in the softest of pastels, cute prints or a rainbow of colours in soft, breathable cotton.

Safe Practices For Sleeping Babies

To ensure your baby is as safe as they can possibly be, check that your new cot or crib is aligned with Australian Standards and that the mattress is firm and waterproof. Babies under the age of 12 months should never have a duvet or doona, toys or pillows on their bed because this could lead to suffocation and overheating. The best way to position your baby is to place them at the foot of the bed, so their little toes are touching the bottom of the cot. Make sure they don't have any blankets or sheets covering their head.

Cleaning & Caring For Cot Sheet Sets

It is recommended you wash your cot sheets before your baby sleeps on them. All babies have extremely sensitive skin, so a pre-wash prepares and soften the cot sheets before use. You should also choose a detergent that is hypoallergenic and baby-safe to avoid allergic reactions, which means steering clear of other harsh chemicals too, such as chlorine or bleach.

It's also wise to have more than one or two baby cot sheet sets in rotation because bubs are more likely to soil their sheets. In fact, it's recommended you have three or four cot sets handy so you're not caught off-guard if you haven't found the time to catch up with the laundry. Quilt covers and crib bedding sets should also be changed regularly (i.e. at least once a week).

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Find the Right Cot Sheet Sets at Spotlight

Ready to buy? Shop through our range of cot sheet sets or other nursery items online. Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to see what's available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Shop our entire range of nursery cot sheet sets online or visit us in-store today.



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