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Make Sure Your Baby Has A Good Night Sleep With These Pro Tips

Sleep is incredibly important for a young child - this applies for a baby as well as a toddler. Today, Spotlight provides customers with some excellent tips on baby bedding and mattresses, ensuring you can pick the right items from the Spotlight catalogue. So, without further ado, here is our overview of essential information on nursery sleeping supplies.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For A Baby?

Baby mattresses should be relatively firm and should fit the cot, Moses basket or crib perfectly. Make sure that there are no gaps between the end of the mattress and the edge of the crib, as this could cause your baby to roll over into the gap. The firmness of the mattress is important too, as this will provide your little one with the right amount of support.

While some parents obtain a cot or a crib from another family member to save money, it is important to always buy a new mattress. Baby mattresses take a significant amount of punishment, so this is the one item you definitely want to buy new.

What Bedding Is Best For A Baby?

Pillows or duvets are out of the question for a baby but can be considered when your little one gets older. If your baby is younger than one year, then you must be careful to select the right bedding.

Bulky bedding is not recommended for small babies, as they could pose a suffocation hazard. Instead, use some light sheets and blankets that can be tucked in a secure manner. These sheets and blankets should not go over your baby's shoulder height.

Before your baby goes to sleep, also make sure to remove any toys or other things from the cot completely. These items can be a suffocation hazard for your baby too, so they should not be placed in a cot at any time.

Some parents still consider using a pillow for their baby because of flat head syndrome. However, studies have shown that using a pillow more than doubles the chance of SIDS. So, follow the advice of your paediatrician or midwife to tackle the flat head syndrome, but never use a pillow until your baby is old enough.

To ensure your baby gets proper sleep, try to avoid letting them sleep in a car seat or another harder surface. Of course, some parents get their baby to sleep by driving them around in the car. If your baby has problems sleeping, this is something you can do when the problem has been occurring for a longer period of time. However, do not make this a habit as it could disturb your baby's sleeping patterns over a longer period of time.

If your baby does fall asleep in the car, make sure to place your baby in the cot as soon as you get home. The cot or crib is always the safest place for your baby to sleep, so never leave them in the car seat out of fear of waking your baby up.

Are Cot Bumpers Safe To Use?

Many parents mistakenly believe that cot bumpers actually make the cot safer. While this is the case for young children who do not move a lot yet, they can become more problematic when your little one starts moving around in the cot a little more. Once your baby starts moving around in the cot, they could pull themselves on the bumpers or sometimes become stuck in the bumpers. Therefore, it is important to remove them as soon as your baby starts moving in the cot.

Check Out The Range Of Nursery Sleeping Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with all types of items for the nursery - this includes the appropriate bedding for the baby room. If you want to make sure your baby gets the best possible sleep, but are stuck on a limited budget, then you can always find the best deals for the nursery at Spotlight.

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