Wooden Vases

Add a natural touch to your home with contemporary wooden vases from Spotlight. Wooden vases are perfect as a decorative piece or for displaying dried flowers.

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Introduce Natural Charm To Your Home Styling With Wooden Vases

Offering a combination between earthy charm and practicality, wooden vases are perfect for adding an element of nature to their living space. For those who love to decorate their space with a touch of floristry, finding the right vase for their space is important. Wooden vases will have you displaying your favourite artificial floral posies and stems with an additional earthy accent. Wooden vases may also be displayed by themselves as a stand-alone decorative feature that brings shape and dimension to your bookshelf, bedside or dining table. Spotlight offers a selection of wooden vases in a range of shapes and styles to breathe new life into your space. Check them out for the perfect finishing touch to your home decor.

Wooden Vases FAQs

What interior style best suits a wooden vase?

Available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes, a wooden decorative vase may complement a range of decor styles and colour schemes with ease. A more of a vintage wooden vase with a darker brown colour tone with natural grain lines offers a timeless beauty that complements a classic and aged-inspired style of decorating. On the other hand, a modern wooden vase with intricate lines brings a decorative piece that complements a contemporary style of interior decorating.

How to style a wooden vase?

  • For a pop of colour: Use your wooden vase to display a vibrant showcase of artificial floristry to incorporate a pop of colour into your home styling. Displaying colourful artificial floral stems will instantly create an artistic charm that brightens any living room, bedroom or hallway. Select a range of floral stems to create a lively artificial bouquet that draws attention to your vase.
  • For shape and dimension: Display your wooden vase with two other vases in a triangle to create depth. Incorporate glass vases and ceramic vases into this arrangement for an intriguing showcase of texture and shape.
  • For a minimalist charm: Wooden vases may be displayed by themselves for a more minimalist approach. This is perfect for creating a stunning centrepiece on your dining table without the added height of floral arrangements.

How to choose the right vase?

Whether you're displaying single stems or artificial bouquets, you should consider the size of the opening of the vase. For single stems, selecting a vase with a smaller opening makes it easier for the stem to stand taller. When displaying floral bouquets, vases with larger openings allow more space for the artificial bouquet to create a blooming effect.

A handy tip to keep in mind is to consider the proportions of your vase and artificial floral arrangement. Selecting artificial flowers that are around one to two times taller than your vase results in a stunning balance between the base of your decorative piece and the showcase of floristry.

Find The Right Wooden Vases At Spotlight

You can find a great range of vases including glass vases with a range of colours and shapes available as well as ceramic vases which offer a strong, sturdy base for your bouquets. Pair your favourite vase with artificial flowers for an added touch of nature without the hassle of maintenance. Check out our 8 Nature-Inspired Bedroom & Home Decor Ideas for more inspiration on how to decorate your space with an earthy charm. At Spotlight we offer a great selection of home decor that is sure to elevate your home styling. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or find your nearest Spotlight store to check out the range in person.



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