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Add a special touch to your home with elegant ceramic vases from Spotlight. Shop modern ceramic vases perfect for flowers or as a decorative piece.

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Decorate With Tasteful Ceramic Vases From Spotlight

Vases act both as decor and vessels, so take advantage of this dual ability with a beautiful ceramic vase from Spotlight! Ceramic vases are durable, thick and come in a range of interesting textures and colours, meaning it's easy to find one that suits your home's decor style.

You can discover beautiful small, medium and large ceramic vases in the collection at Spotlight!

How to style a ceramic vase

Small ceramic vases can be styled on trays, shelves and side tables, while large ceramic vases can sit on coffee tables, dining tables and, if they're tall enough, even on the floor! Look for vases that match your home's decor - rustic ceramic vases are well suited to more homey, cosy homes while smooth, modern ceramic vases will look right at home in industrial, minimalist and Scandinavian-styled homes.

Ceramic vase FAQs

How to clean an unglazed ceramic vase

Unglazed ceramic vases cannot be immersed in water, as they are not waterproof and water will seep into the vase itself, which can damage and discolour it. Always test your cleaning supplies on the bottom of the vase first! If your vase is dirty, remove as much as you can with a dry brush, picking off any stubborn parts with a plastic knife or your fingernail - do not dig into the vase as you may scratch it. For more stubborn stains, dip a swab or cotton ball into methylated spirits and dab at the stain to remove it.

How to repaint a ceramic vase

Use acrylic paint or a special ceramic paint to paint your old ceramic vase. Use sandpaper to remove any old chips or uneven textures, then apply your paint directly to the vase - do multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat for a more even look. Once it has dried, use a layer of sealer or varnish to preserve the colour - your varnish may also be used to add a matte or gloss effect.

How to repair a broken ceramic vase

You can use a two-part epoxy glue to repair a broken ceramic vase. Make sure your vase parts and clean and you have an idea of how you will put it back together before starting. Mix your epoxy glue and have it sitting on a piece of card. Use a small, fine-tipped tool to apply the glue to one edge of a piece, then join it to another piece and press tightly. Don't worry if some epoxy oozes out and don't try to wipe it away - dried epoxy can be removed with a blade or sharp metal scraper later. Let the epoxy dry fully before moving the completed piece - holding it in place in a bowl of rice, sand or smooth pebbles is a great way to keep it in place.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find the right ceramic vases at Spotlight

Whether you need a bold and colourful floor vase or a small, white ceramic vase, you can find it in Spotlight's ceramic vases collection here! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your ceramic vases straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the perfect ceramic vases for your needs.

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