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Add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor with decorative lanterns from Spotlight. Elevate your space with ambient lantern decor today.

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Discover Elegant Decorative Lanterns At Spotlight

Lighting is an essential part of any home, so why not work it into your home's decor? Spotlight's collection of decorative lanterns contains a fantastic range of beautiful lanterns, all of which provide light while also elevating the look of your room or outdoor area.

Choose the right decorative lantern from Spotlight and instantly transform your lounge, dining or entertaining area with lantern home decor today!

What kinds of decorative lanterns can I find at Spotlight?

Our decorative lanterns come in three types:

  • Wooden decorative lanterns: The warm, natural colour of wood gives these lanterns a rustic charm. And don't worry, they're treated to be safe to use a candle in!
  • Glass decorative lanterns: These transparent lanterns soften the glow of the candle within, creating a romantic light source perfect for special occasions.
  • Metal decorative lanterns: These lanterns have incredible designs cut into them, allowing them to create incredible patterns of light in your space and also look just as good when unlit.

All these lanterns can be used to bring your outdoor and indoor lantern decor ideas to life!

Decorative lantern FAQs

What is a decorative lantern?

A decorative lantern is designed to function as a piece of home decor, as well as create light. They aren't designed with the same light-throwing capabilities as proper outdoor lanterns but will still light up a small space when filled with a candle or electric light.

How do I clean soot off a decorative lantern?

If soapy water won't remove soot from your lantern, spray a solution of vinegar and water onto a paper towel and scrub away the ash. As the towel gets dirty manipulate it so you are always scrubbing with a clean section, and use a new towel if you need to. Clean and dry the lantern with a microfiber towel to finish.

Where should I put my decorative lantern?

Decorative lanterns can be hung outdoors from hooks, or placed on a heat-proof coaster on your dining table, coffee table side table or kitchen bench. Make sure there are never any flammable objects close to the lantern and you always trim the wicks of candles inside them to prevent excess smoke and soot.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Spotlight has so many amazing products you can use to decorate your home, which include:

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Find the right decorative lanterns at Spotlight

You'll love the warm glow and elegant style of a decorative lantern from Spotlight! Shop for home decor online, safely pay and we'll deliver your decorative lantern straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the perfect lantern for your space, as well as share some lantern home decor ideas for you to try!

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