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Accessorise Your Space With Home Decor Statues And Figurines From Spotlight

Do you have a blank space on our coffee table, shelf or windowsill? Fill it with a beautiful figurine or statue from the home decor range at Spotlight. Our collection of decorative figurines for the home can be styled to suit any home decor trend, and come at such affordable prices you won't be able to resist buying multiple!

What kinds of home decor statues and figurines can I find at Spotlight?

  • Animal and human figures: Home decor figurines shaped like people and animals are some of our most popular, due to their stunning design that brings the shapes we all know to life in a creative way.
  • Abstract figures: Take your eyes on a journey with any of our eye-catching abstract figures! These statues often come in bold colours to ensure they are the centre of attention in their area.

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Figurine and statue FAQs

What are home decor statues made of?

Home decor statues need to be sturdy, so will often be made of durable and weighty materials like ceramic, resin, wood and metal. This heaviness keeps them in place if their platform is jostled, and makes them resistant to breaking or chipping.

How can I decorate my statues?

Home decor statues are ready to use when bought but you can also add some small details if you'd like to customise them! Use acrylic or ceramic paint to add a few splashes of colour, or glue on accessories like glitter or sequins for a brighter, shiny effect. Nestling your decorative figurines in plants or flowers is a great way to add some nature-inspired decor to your home too.

How to style decorative figurines for the home

One good tip to keep in mind when placing a decorative figurine is to consider balancing it with something else if the space looks lopsided. A lamp, plant or candle may help balance the look of the shelf if you have a decorative statue at one end, or consider a tall vase of flowers clustered with smaller statues on your coffee table to add height and dimension.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have an incredible range of products you can use to embellish your home, including:

  • Decorative signs and words: Show your love of home with our range of decorative signs and phrases, which can be hung flat against any wall in your space.
  • Decorative lanterns: Light up your home with any of these beautifully designed decorative lanterns. Add a tealight candle and enjoy its magical glow!
  • Decorative objects: Not strictly statues and figures, our decorative objects can be used to tie a room together or as the focal point in a singular space.

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Find the right decorative figurines and statues at Spotlight

Style your home with any of the home decor statues and figurines from Spotlight! Shop for decorative figurines online, pay your way and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your decorative statues and figurines in person.

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