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Add a touch of sophistication to your home with the stunning tealight candles from Spotlight. Shop tealight candles online & create a lovely atmosphere at home.

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Relax With Gorgeous Tealight Candles From Spotlight

The glow of a few tealight candles can completely transform the feel of a room, creating a cosy, romantic and warm atmosphere in the dining, lounge and bedrooms.

At Spotlight, we love using candles for both scent and light, and our range of tealight candles ensures you can find the perfect plain and coloured tea light candles for your space.

The kinds of tealight candles you can find at Spotlight

You can find a great collection of natural and coloured tea light candles at Spotlight, including:

  • Long-lasting tea light candles: Our tealight candles are designed to burn for lengthy amounts of time, with our long-burn tea light candles designed to burn for four hours. Perfect for parties, romantic events or movie nights!
  • Coloured tea light candles: Choose a brightly-coloured tealight candle to add a pop of red, purple or other vibrant colour to your space.
  • Scented tea light candles: Add some soothing aromas to your space with a scented tealight candle. Choose from delightful scents like berry, lavender and vanilla in the range.

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Tealight candle FAQs

What is a tealight candle?

A tealight candle is a small, round candle that consists of a metal container that is filled with wax and a short wick. Tealight candles are designed not to drip and can be used to heat teapots or keep fondue warm, and can also be set afloat on water.

How long do tea light candles last?

Long-lasting tealight candles can burn for four hours, otherwise most will burn for three hours.

How to use tea light candles

Tea light candles can lit as they are, but are often placed inside a tealight candle holder to add more decoration and to focus their glow. Tealight candles can be set under specialised teapots to keep them warm, and are often used to keep chocolate fondue in its liquid form as well.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of candles for you to enjoy at Spotlight, including:

  • Shaped candles: These candles come in unique shapes like spheres, knots, twisted pillars and bubbles, and are often not burned and used as permanent decorative ornaments.
  • Pillar and taper candles: These tall, free-standing candles are an elegant choice often seen at churches and formal events. Taper candles will need to be in a holder to burn, whilst pillar candles can stand on their own if needed.
  • Jar candles: These candles consist of wax contained in a colourful or beautifully-cut jar, and are able to burn for long lengths of time without the fear of wax spillages.

For more aromatic options check out our home fragrance category for more candle and diffuser options.

Find the right tealight candles at Spotlight

You'll love the collection of small and large tea light candles at Spotlight! Shop for tealight candles online, pay your way and we'll deliver your plain and coloured tea light candles straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for long-lasting tea light candles in person!

For more information on how to use scents from diffusers and candles in the home, read through this helpful buying guide. And if you're interested in creating your own candles, check out our blog on making candles at home.



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