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Hang Your Curtains On A Quality Conduit Rod Or Tension Rod From Spotlight

If you are hanging your own curtains, consider using a conduit curtain rod or tension rod from Spotlight. Installing curtains is so easy with a Caprice or Tribeca tension curtain rod or conduit rod, plus we've got heaps of curtain rod accessories to make the process seamless.

Conduit rods vs tension rods

Conduit rods are thin, light and sturdy curtain rods that come in a range of sizes, although you can also cut them to length if needed. Conduit curtain rods come in a range of sleek colours and are made either from metal or a blend of metal and plastic pieces.

Tension rods are a type of curtain rod that expands to fit inside a window recess. They require no screws or nails to hold themselves up, which makes them great for renters, caravans or for use in small windows like those in bathrooms. They are different from expandable curtain rods, which expand in size as well but are held up with traditional fittings. Small tension rods may be as little as 40cm, but many larger sizes can expand to cover 2.4m in length!

Conduit and tension rod FAQs

What is a tension rod?

A tension rod is a curtain rod that expands telescopically and can hold itself up by pushing outwards on two parallel walls. Tension rods can be hung without any fittings, so are very quick and easy to put up without the need for any tools.

What do I use to cut a conduit rod to size?

If you need to cut a conduit rod to fit your window, use a hacksaw or a cutter designed especially for conduit rods. Make sure to measure your windows carefully before doing this!

How much weight can a tension curtain rod hold?

Individual tension curtain rods will have different maximum weights, but in general, a strong tension rod can hold just under 10kg of weight. Lighter curtains, like sheers or polyester curtains, will be easier for a tension rod to hold than heavy blockout or thermal curtains. Tension rods may struggle to stay up on slippery surfaces like tile.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you can discover so many more curtain-hanging tools and accessories, which include:

  • Double curtain rods: Hang two curtains over one window using these handy double curtain rods and brackets. Combine sheers and blockouts on one rack or rod for total light control!
  • Curtain rod finials: Our range of beautiful curtain rod end caps and finials will help you create a curtain fitting that perfectly suits your home. You can find conduit curtain rod ends here too!
  • Curtain rod brackets: Hang your curtains with confidence using any of our sturdy curtain rod brackets. They're easy to install and come in lots of colours to ensure you can match them to your curtain rod.

Browse the full range of curtain rods for more hanging options.

Find the right tension and conduit curtain rods at Spotlight

Chosen your tension or conduit curtain rod from our rods and tracks range? Pay your way and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also shop in person at our nearest Spotlight store, where our team will help you find the best conduit curtain rod or tension rod for your space.

Make sure to read our buying guides on hanging curtains, caring for curtains and whether to use rods or tracks to help you get the most out of your new conduit or tension rod. And for more curtain ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on making your own curtains, layering curtains and mistakes to avoid when hanging them.



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