Curtain Heading Tape

DIY your curtains with convenient curtain heading tape & curtain hemming tape from Spotlight. Shop pencil pleat & eyelet curtain heading tape today.

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Can I purchase curtain heading tape at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks everything you can possibly need to make your own curtains at home, including curtain fabric, lining, heading tape in different sizes and all other accessories. Depending on the weight of your curtain fabric, the size of your curtains and the type of heading you would like to have on your curtains, different types of heading fabric can be used.

Which types of heading tape are available from Spotlight?

We stock a number of different curtain heading tapes, including:

  • Mini pencil pleat curtain tape: This is ideal for lightweight curtains where you would like to have a tight gather at the top. It can also be used for sheer curtains and nets.
  • 3-Pocket pencil pleat curtain tape: This is a slightly wider heading tape which allows you to choose the height at which you place your curtain hooks. This enables you to hide the curtain track by placing the hooks at the lower level, and can also be useful if your curtains have either shrunk in the wash or have become too long due to their weight over time, as you can simply adjust the height of the hooks.
  • Deep pleat curtain heading tape: This curtain heading tape is used to create formal looking curtains with deep, fixed pleats. It requires special metal deep curtain hooks.
  • Eyelet curtain heading tape: As the name suggests, this curtain heading tape, which comes complete with rings to finish off your curtain, will allow you to make eyelet curtains. Other heading tapes available in the collection include Austrian blind sheer tape, Buckram curtain heading tape and a simple one-pocket gather heading tape.

How much curtain heading tape will I need?

Ideally, you will need one continuous length of heading tape for every curtain, and the length of your heading tape will need to be as wide as the curtain fabric is before it is gathered, plus a few cms or inches extra to fold over at the sides of the curtain to stop the ends from fraying. Curtain heading tape is simply sewn onto the back of your curtain and gathered to the required width of your window, except in the case of triple pleat or deep curtain pleats where the width of the curtain needs to be fixed beforehand.

What else is available in the curtain heading tape range?

The range also includes double-sided tape in 9, 12 and 18mm widths, as well as different types of jute webbing and stretch webbing.



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