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Give your home a fresh new look with Spotlight's decorative tracks and rods.

Choosing the right curtain tracks and rods is an integral part for any successful dressing of a window with curtains or drapes add a stainless steel finish with an end final for a modern and sleek look, or use timber rods to give off a more rustic styling.

At Spotlight, our standard curtain tracking gives our clients the flexibility to use alongside face fixed, under pelmets and over the top of blind products.

We have a wide variety of tracks available, from basic hand and cord drawn tracks, though to a decorative S Fold tracking system.

Spotlight custom make tracks & rods will also fit any window size. The options and possibilities are endless! Our stores also offer a range of readymade tracks, rods and hardware accessories.

Behind every great curtain solution is a great way to hang it up!

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Standard Tracks

Spotlight custom made create 38mm standard tracks in a variety of different colour and operational options. The flexibility of our made to measure tracks allows us to custom fit any size and shape window, including bay and corner windows.

Our clients can choose from single or double tracks, with hand cord or mortised mechanisms.

#CustomMadeHints&Tips - Double Tracks combine more than one window furnishing, allowing you to create layers of curtaining to a window! Use a modern up-to-date fashionable sheer curtain on the front track and a triple weave or block out on the back track creating a window with privacy while also allowing thermal qualitys!

Tracks can be fixed onto window architraves, walls and ceilings allowing great flexibility in achieving different design goals.

#CustomMadeHints&Tips - Use tracks to hang curtains as room dividers!

The standard track can allow for a one way draw for a single curtain or a centre opening curtain. While motorized tracks allow you to simply press a button from your current location on the remote and your curtains will glide from side to side and stop exactly where you'd like.

#CustomMadeHints&Tips - The fabric of automated curtains is known to last longer than hand or cord drawn curtains!

Wall Mount Tracks

Ceiling Mount Curtain Tracks

Ceiling Mount Tracks

Curtain Track Accessories

Decorator Tracks

The Decorator Track is available in a standard 29mm size, and comes in both plain and reeded profiles.

The plain profile is available in Antique Brass, Brass, White Birch, Caf´┐Ż, Pearl, Black and Chrome, while the reeded profile is available in Antique Brass and Brass.

The Decorator Track can be both hand and cord drawn. The design of the slides keeps them in the vertical position, giving a neat appearance and smooth operation.

There are two decorator tracks available, one being the standard and the other a ring less runner giving a smooth modern line.

The Decorator Track can have a secondary track fixed behind in White Birch. The secondary track is fixed directly to the decorator track double brackets.


Standard Rods

Standard Rods are the most common tool for hanging window treatments, and are available in many different widths to fit varying window sizes.

Tension Rods

Tension Rods fit in the window frame and support lightweight curtains, so there are no brackets needed. They are ideal for Bathroom Mirrors.

Double Rods

Double Rods can be used to pair sheer and blackout curtains for light filtration.

Traverse Rods

Traverse Rods allow you to easily open and close sliding door curtains using a track system.

Single Rods

Single rods offer a simple look and can be used to layer curtains over blinds or shades. Rings

Decorator Rods

Decorative Rods are available in 29mm and can transform the look of your curtains and come in a variety of different materials and styles.

Rod Accessories


To finish the rod at each end a Final is required. Finials are the decorative pieces that you find at the end of a rod. We have a range of different styles and finishes allowing you to completely customize the look of your window furnishings.


Generally decorative in nature, rings attach to the rod and allow your window treatments to easily open and close.

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