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Whether it's a Superhero or Halloween character, find a range of costume capes including black capes, red capes & hooded capes at Spotlight. Shop now!

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Shop Costume Capes & Cloaks Online: Red Capes, Black Capes, Hooded Capes - We Have it All

The perfect addition to superhero costumes, Halloween vampire costumes or villain getups and everything in between, a cape or cloak is a handy costume piece to have in your arsenal - check out Spotlight's full range of costume capes and cloaks here! You'll love the array of capse available including red capes, black capes, Superhero capes, hooded capes, kids capes and flag capes.

What Costumes Should I Wear a Cape or Cloak With?

Many dress-ups can be improved by adding costume capes or cloaks, but there are some that you just need one for to really pull it off!

  • Superhero costume - show off your heroic look with a superhero cape! A bright red superhero cape is a common choice for heroes like Superman or Thor, but you can also use a black cape for Batman or a yellow cape for Robin.
  • Vampire costume - perfect for hiding your scary face as you swoop around, vampire capes are traditionally red or black and have a spiked bottom similar to a bat's wing and a high collar. Vampire capes can also feature bat motifs, or you can even add some artificial blood stains to make it really scary! Get the perfect cape for your Halloween costume

We have capes and cloaks to suit both adult costumes and childrens costumes including hooded capes, long black capes and bright red capes, so make sure to check the full range to find one to suit your fancy dress!

What Other Accessories Can I Add to My Costume?

Costume capes and cloaks can take your costume to the next level, but at Spotlight we have so many more cool costume accessories and add-ons you can use to improve your look! Why not try:

  • Makeup and body paint - A good application of makeup or body paint can completely transform your face and can create a professional finish for your costume.
  • Wigs and hair extensions - save yourself the hassle of colouring and styling your own hair with one of our costume wigs! Coming in a huge variety of styles, lengths and colours, we're sure to have a wig to suit your costume.
  • Wings and tails - a set of fluffy angel wings, colourful butterfly wings or a spiked dragon tail can be just what you need to top off your costume. Easy to wear and coming in a range of sizes and colours, our wings and tails are perfect for both adult and kids' costumes!
  • Costume hats - from colourful cowboy hats to dramatic pointed witch hats, we have all the hats you could need for your event! Whether you need to top off a detailed Halloween costume or just want to dress up for a bucks night, we'll have the hat for you.

Once you have your costume sorted, don't forget to check out our range of party supplies and party decorations to make the rest of your event as good-looking as you!

Find the Right Capes and Cloaks at Spotlight

Add some flair to your next costume with a cape or cloak from Spotlight! You can make your cape costume purchase online and choose from click and collect or home delivery options, or head into your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right capes or cloaks for your event in person.

For everything you need to throw an awesome party, visit our party hub online and get great ideas including Easy Halloween Costumes! And for event inspiration, gift ideas and tutorials, have a read of our celebration blog.



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