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Wall stickers at Spotlight are a perfect way to decorate a new nursery or add colour to a kids room! Browse and shop the collection online or in store.

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Where can I buy wall stickers online?

Spotlight has a wide variety of wall stickers that you can use to give your walls a complete makeover. Our wall stickers come in a range of different designs to suit different interiors and are guaranteed to breathe new life to any space.

What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers are similar to wallpaper in that it is used to cover up walls to give it a completely different look. Wall stickers are made out of vinyl which is an excellent medium for printing different designs on. Using vinyl, manufacturers can print photo-realistic images which are very colourful and vibrant. Vinyl is also extremely hard wearing compared to wallpaper, which makes it easier to handle and apply.

What are the benefits of wall stickers?

Vinyl wall stickers typically come with an adhesive backing which means that you can stick it on your walls as soon as you get it out of its packaging. Compared to wallpaper, vinyl wall stickers can also be easily removed without having to deal with any messy residue. If you're renting or restricted from making permanent changes to your walls, wall stickers offer a great alternative to paint or wallpaper. You can easily take your wall stickers down or replace them whenever you feel the urge to with very little effort.

It is also more common to find photo realistic images printed on vinyl wall stickers compared wallpaper. Here at Spotlight, you'll find wall stickers that mimic the look of traditional and more expensive building materials like brick, wood and marble. These wall stickers can easily transform the look of a space and make it more elegant and upscale.

Wall stickers are also coated which makes them more suitable for high traffic areas, places with a lot of moisture like kitchens and even outdoors. They can easily be cleaned or wiped down when they become soiled without causing any damage to the underlying material.

Wall stickers are also much more affordable than wallpaper, which can have huge price variations depending on the product's quality and the complexity of its design. If you're not very handy, you might have to hire professionals to put up your wallpaper which is a non-issue for wall stickers.

Given the huge variety of designs you can get with wall stickers, you can also choose to cover only a section of your walls to give it a dash of colour and style. Wall stickers can also be used on any flat surface and not just walls. You can use wall stickers on cabinets, wardrobes, closets, windows, doors and mirrors. Wall stickers can also be easily trimmed to fit anywhere.

What type of wall stickers can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers a variety of wall sticker designs to suit different interiors. If you want to make your plain walls look a little more upscale and interesting, we have wall stickers that look like real brick, marble or wood planks. We also have more playful designs that feature colourful jelly beans and polka dots. You'll also find more subtle designs such as striped patterns, blackboard, plain wood, white gloss and even clear vinyl that you can use to protect your walls from stains.

What other wall art can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from wall stickers, Spotlight offers a wide variety of wall art you can hang up on your walls. Go to the Home section of our online store to check out our selection of canvas prints, framed prints, metal wall art, decorative letters, photo frames, collage frames, stylish wall hooks, wall hanging tassels, wall mirrors and wall clocks.



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