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Discover The Versatile Range of Bead Wire At Spotlight

Bead wire is a flexible, strong stringing material crucial for crafting homemade jewellery. The best wire for beading is typically composed of multiple strands of stainless steel or nylon-coated wire, offering durability and flexibility for creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Having the right wire for beading prevents beads from fraying and ensures secure stringing, maintaining the integrity of your designs. It's perfect for intricate beadwork, allowing you to create delicate patterns or sturdy structures. Whether you're making simple stringing projects or intricate wire-wrapped designs, bead wire provides the versatility to support various bead sizes and styles. Explore our range at Spotlight to discover how bead wire can elevate your jewellery-making projects effortlessly.

Welcome to Spotlight's amazing range of beading wire for bracelets and more, essential for every jewellery-making enthusiast! Discover our durable 19-strand and 49-strand bead wire options, offering strength and flexibility for intricate designs. Ideal for maintaining shape and memory, our memory wire for beading ensures that your creations retain their form beautifully. For those seeking added flair, explore our designer bead wires featuring various colours and finishes to complement any style. Available in lengths from 3m to 20m and more, you'll find the perfect size for your project, whether it's delicate earrings or statement necklaces. Trust Spotlight for quality bead wires that provide reliability and versatility, ensuring your jewellery pieces are crafted with precision and durability in mind. Shop our entire range of wire for beading and much more in-store or online at Spotlight today!

Wire For Beading FAQs

How To Use Bead Wire?

To use bead wire, cut the desired length, adding extra for crimping. String your beads onto the wire, arranging them as desired. Secure the ends with crimp beads or crimp tubes, using crimping pliers for a tight finish. Attach clasps or findings to the crimped ends. Bead wire's flexibility and strength make it ideal for creating durable and elegant jewellery pieces.

How To Tie Bead Stringing Wire?

To tie bead stringing wire, first thread a crimp bead onto one end of the wire. Loop the wire for beading through a clasp or jump ring, then back through the crimp bead. Slide the crimp bead close to the clasp and use crimping pliers to flatten it, securing the wire. Trim any excess wire. Repeat the process on the other end of the wire, ensuring your beads are securely held in place for a polished finish.

How To Bead With Wire?

To bead with wire, cut the desired length of wire. String your beads in the desired pattern, securing each end with a crimp bead or loop. For added designs, use wire wrapping techniques to create intricate patterns and secure beads in place. Attach clasps or findings to the ends using crimp beads or loops for a professional finish.

What Size Wire Do You Use For Beads?

The size of wire for beading typically ranges from 26 to 20 gauge, depending on the bead hole size and project needs. Use 26 to 24 gauge for smaller beads and intricate designs, while 22 to 20 gauge works well for medium to large beads and more substantial structures. Ensure the wire fits through the bead holes comfortably while providing adequate strength for your jewellery piece.

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At Spotlight, we offer an extensive beads & jewellery making range including beads, bead thread, cord & stringing, bead tools & accessories, bead storage, plastic beads and more that are sure to provide inspiration to enhance the appeal of your friendship bracelets and jewellery. Shop our bead wires online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the perfect bead wiring for your project. Looking for more jewellery inspiration? Look no further than our Jewellery & Beading Projects for an abundance of interior styling tips and ideas such as our Beaded Chandelier Project and Ribtex Mixed Media Beaded Necklace Project.



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