Expandable Curtain Rods

Installing curtains at home is easier with our expandable curtain rods at Spotlight. Shop expandable curtain rods for an easy curtain installation experience today.

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Enjoy Flexibility With An Expandable Curtain Rod From Spotlight

Never worry about cutting curtain rods to size again by using any of the amazing expandable curtain rods from Spotlight! Our silver, black, brown and white extendable curtain rods can be lengthened or shortened to suit the size of your window, meaning you can choose the style you want without worrying about the length.

From quality brands such as Caprice and Selections, our expanding curtain rods come in a huge range of colours, finishes and styles, so you can always find the perfect one to suit the style of your home.

How does an expandable curtain rod work?

Our expandable curtain rods expand using telescoping poles, meaning there are smaller poles inside a larger one - much like how an old-fashioned telescope can be lengthened for use!

When choosing an extendable curtain rod, check the two sizes listed, as these will refer to the sizes of each pole section. These sizes will determine how strong the pole is, and how heavy a curtain it can safely carry - larger diameters will be needed for heavy blockout or thermal curtains.

Expandable curtain rod FAQs

What is an expandable curtain rod?

An expandable curtain rod is a long length of timber, plastic or metal that can be expanded or compacted telescopically. These rods can be used for hanging curtains in the eyelet, pencil pleat and pinch pleat styles, as many come with curtain rings included.

When would I use an expandable curtain rod?

If you can't find a curtain rod that perfectly matches the length of your window, then an extendable one is the perfect choice, as you can adjust it to fit your space! Expandable curtain rods are also handy if you plan on removing them and using them again elsewhere, as you don't have to worry about them not being the right size for another window.

Are expanding curtain rods strong?

Most extendable curtain rods are strong enough to hold heavy thermal and blockout curtains. Look for adjustable curtain rods with larger diameters, as these will have the strength to hold up weightier curtains.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kidneys of curtain rods and rod accessories for you to choose from at Spotlight, including:

  • Double curtain rods - hang two kinds of curtains on the same window using a double curtain rod. Pair sheers with blockout curtains on a double curtain rod for perfect control of light levels and privacy in your home!
  • Tension curtain rods - these expandable curtain rods are ideal for renters, as they don't require any drilling, hammering or screwing for them to adhere to your walls. They're also useful for small windows, like those in bathrooms and caravans.
  • Curtain rod finials - add a personal touch to a plain curtain rod with any of our curtain rod finials! Choose from round, square, acorn, bishop and cap-style ends for your curtain rods.

Browse the full range of curtain rods and tracks online for all your other curtain-hanging options!

Find the right expandable curtain rods at Spotlight

Hang your curtains with confidence using any of the flexible curtain rods from Spotlight! Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your expandable curtain rod straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop the extendable curtain rod range in person.

Make sure to read our buying guides on rods and tracks, hanging curtains and curtain care and maintenance to ensure you're getting all the right curtain rods and accessories you need. And for more curtain ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on curtain-hanging mistakes to avoid, layering your window and why you need blockout blinds.



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