Curtain Rod Finials

Elevate your curtain setup with our curtain rod finials at Spotlight. Shop curtain rod finials and personalise your curtain setup at home.

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Can I purchase rod finials at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a number of different rod finials for several brands of curtain rod. Rod finials are the decorative additions that fit onto the ends of each curtain rod or pole, and that lend a finishing decorative touch to your window dressing. Although many curtain rods are sold with finials included in the set, you can change those to suit your style or to update the look of your window dressings when you feel like it.

What types of rod finials are stocked at Spotlight?

There are too many different styles to list here, but some of the main shapes that remain popular are the ball finial, the cage finial (a round shape that is hollow in the centre), the flame finial and the shepherds crook finial. There are many variations on the design and there are also plain end stops, as well as finials that are embellished with glass, beading or other decorations. Finials are available in many different colours to match curtain rods.

How do I know which finials to buy for my curtain rod?

Different manufacturers can use different sizes for their curtain rods, so it is advisable to stick to the same brand as that of your curtain pole. If the same manufacturer makes curtain rods in different diameters, it is important to check that your finials will go over the end of the curtain rod. If in doubt, buy slightly larger and fill the extra space with some cardboard or other padding.

Where else can I use rod finials in my home?

Tapestries or other wall hangings can look very effective when hung from a rod with decorative finials, for instance at the head of a bed or just on their own to decorate a wall anywhere in the house. If you are using more rods and finials in one room, for instance over different windows and doors, it is advisable to stick to the same shape of finial to get a coordinated look. Complete the look with tieback holders in a style and colour that match your curtain rod and finials.

Can I use curtain rods and finials at all my windows?

Curtain rods and finials can be used for all windows or doors where you have some wall space above the window and on each side of the windows. If your windows run right up to the ceiling, a curtain rod will be the most useful way to fix your curtains, and there must be enough room by the side of your windows to ensure that the curtain rod can be fixed (the wall brackets are usually fitted 10 - 15 cm away from the window) and you will need extra room if you choose large curtain rod finials.



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