Hypo Allergenic

Have you ever wondered if you should exchange your bedding for a healthier alternative? Many of us are sensitive to certain conditions or suffer from allergies without even knowing it. As we spend an average of seven out of every twenty-four hours in bed, we could benefit from a more hypoallergenic environment, whether we are allergic to natural products such as down or feathers, or to synthetic products often used in bedding. So next time you are changing your pillows, quilts or just the mattress protector on your bed, why not choose one of these hypoallergenic options from Spotlight? You might find that you wake up more refreshed and rested, just by making a simple and affordable change.

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What is meant by hypo-allergenic?

Hypo-allergenic translates as less likely to cause an allergic reaction and is usually used in the fields of cosmetics and textiles. Although it cannot guarantee that no allergic reaction will be caused, manufacturers will have taken steps to minimise the risk of any allergic reactions being caused by their products either by using materials that are less likely to affect most people, or by treating their products in ways that will minimise allergic reactions.

Who should use hypo-allergenic bedding?

Most people who suffer from skin allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, sensitive skin and allergies to common house dust and mould can benefit from using hypo-allergenic bedding. By removing the most common causes of these allergies, or stopping them from reaching your skin or airways, you can make sure of a more comfortable and healthy nights sleep.

Does Spotlight sell hypo-allergenic bedding?

Yes, we stock a large range of quilts, pillows, mattress and pillow protectors, mattress toppers and more that will benefit people with allergies or sensitive skin. With products from top brand names such as Tontine, Ever Rest and Crestell plus many others you will be able to find the right product for your bed here.

How do I care for hypo-allergenic bedding?

It is important to regularly refresh and replace your hypo-allergenic bedding to ensure that you get the most benefit from its use, and to make sure that house dust mites and bacteria, which are a common cause of many allergies, are killed off entirely, it is necessary to wash the bedding at a temperature of at least 60c. Always make sure you check individual labels to make sure the bedding, pillows and duvets can be washed at this temperature.

Can I dry clean hypo-allergenic duvets and pillows?

It depends on the individual product, and will be detailed on the laundry label that is attached. If you do use this method, do keep in mind that some of the chemicals that are used in dry cleaning can exacerbate particular allergies, in which case machine washing followed by tumble drying or line drying may be a better option.

Is hypo-allergenic bedding safe for everyone?

Yes, it is, and it is especially recommended for kids and people who are prone to allergies even if they are not showing any symptoms, as a preventative measure. With so many products to choose from, you will be able to find the right hypo-allergenic bedding for single, double, queen and king size beds at Spotlight, and there is even a special range of products for kids beds. With Spotlights low price guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal available when choosing hypo-allergenic bedding for you and your family here.



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