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If your bedroom could do with a little makeover, transform the look of any style of room with Spotlight. Shop from our range of quilt covers and quilt cover sets! From single to king-sized sets, discover high-quality quilt covers with pillowcases to match online today.

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The Best Range Of Covers And Quilt Covers Sets Now Available At Spotlight!

Spotlight provides an amazing collection of quilt cover sets, offered at affordable prices. We also provide other bed linen, this includes cushion and throw sets, sheet sets, king quilt covers, kids quilt covers, and many more. If you wish to know more about our quilt cover sets, please read the information provided below.

What Is A Quilt Cover?

The quilt cover is also known under the name duvet cover. It is used to cover a duvet, which can be the main blanket on a bed. The duvet can be filled with different types of filling, this includes feathers, batting, or other materials.

What Is The Best Quilt Cover?

Customers who need a quilt cover will look at different materials to discover the one that is best for their needs. Some materials will suit you better than others. For example, some people prefer hypoallergenic materials, while others prefer superior comfort and softness.

In our range of quilt cover sets, customers can find quilt covers made from various materials. Popular options include cotton, silk, linen, and much more. To determine which of our quilt covers you prefer, simply check out the product description for more information.

How To Put A Quilt Cover On?

There are various ways to put on a quilt cover you have obtained from our quilt cover sale. The traditional way is to turn the quilt cover inside out and place each of the corners of your duvet into the corners of the cover. Once they match, simply flip the cover over to the other side.

In addition to the traditional method, you can also use the so-called California roll. Simply turn the quilt cover inside out and place it over the length of your bed. Place the duvet on top and make sure the corners match. Then, roll the cover and the duvet. Once fully rolled, pull through the duvet cover and close it up. Once done, roll the duvet and quilt cover out over the bed.

Please note that some people prefer to use one of our cheap quilt covers as an additional piece of bed linen. In this case, you can simply add the quilt cover on top of your bed. Doing so will make your quilt cover into a nice decorative piece.

Where To Buy Quilt Covers Online?

Spotlight is the best place to get your quilt covers online. Not only can you count on a beautiful range of covers, we also provide these covers for the best prices possible. Our range also consists of different materials, so you can count on superior quality, comfort, and other beneficial properties.

What Is Included In A Quilt Cover Set?

Quilt cover sets may contain a number of items. Most options include a quilt cover and a set of pillowcases, so the design of your bed matches. To ensure your know the contents of your quilt cover set, simply click on the product title and read the product description for more information.

Please note that Spotlight provides more sets containing bed linen, this includes fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, and a whole bunch more. To get an overview of available bed linen and their benefits, please refer to the product description.

Need some help picking out the best quilt cover set? Or do you have a question about one of the products offered in our extensive catalogue. For more information, please contact the professional team at Spotlight. You can also visit our store in person, during which you can speak to a member of our sales team in person.



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