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Find Quality Art Pastels To Create Vibrant Artworks at Spotlight

Whether you're an art student or professional Spotlight always has a wonderful selection of art pastels available to you. Learn more about using pastels for your artwork and how to make the most out of them below. At Spotlight, you can find great pastels in many beautiful colours, we stock leading brands such as Reeves and Faber Castell. Our selection includes both soft pastels and oil pastels so you can achieve your desired effect. Pastels are a fantastic option for artists of all skill levels to explore their skills.

Art Pastels FAQs

Soft pastels vs oil pastels

In general, the composition of soft pastels is different to oil pastels, resulting in a different effect. Oil pastels are more creamy and have an oily satin texture, whereas soft pastels are more crumbly, dry and are wonderful to blend.

What surfaces should I use for pastels?

Pastels are very versatile and can be used with a range of different surfaces. Choose a surface with enough 'tooth' meaning that there is enough texture for the pastel to grip. Textured paper is the most common surface used for pastels, watercolour paper is also a suitable and accessible surface for pastels. You can also use unprimed canvases for pastels if you are looking to create a larger artwork!

What other media can I combine pastels with?

Soft pastels are beautiful when combined with watercolours, creating a soft fluid effect. Use a soft paint brush to blend the colours and ensure you work from light to dark in watercolour.

Discover More Quality Art Supplies and Materials Online

Find a stunning selection of art supplies, drawing supplies and craft supplies at Spotlight for all your creative needs. The range includes:

  • Coloured pencils: Shop vibrant coloured pencils for your drawing and art projects.
  • Easels: Invest in an easel for a professional art experience at home, easels are also great for displaying your artwork.
  • Painting supplies: Find quality painting supplies from leading brands at Spotlight.

Shop Premium Oil Pastels and Soft Pastels Online Or In-Store Today

Like our selection of pastels, all other art supplies offered in the Spotlight catalogue are of the finest quality. Spotlight selects the art supply brands with the artist in mind, providing them with outstanding quality for an extremely affordable price. Shop online or in-store and discover the quality range of art pastels for you. Get inspired with amazing FREE art and craft project ideas right here, and explore the complete Guide to Soft Pastels for comprehensive information on how to choose and use soft pastels. Spotlight is here to help you Create, Decorate and Celebrate every day at low prices, browse the entire art supplies range today!



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