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Premium Crayons & Pastels to Meet All Your Hobby Crafting Needs!

Whether you need crayons & pastels for calligraphy or drawing, Spotlight always has a wonderful selection available to you. If you would like to learn more about using crayons and pastels in art or colouring, please read the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Are Crayons and What Are They Used for?

Crayons are popular colouring and drawing tools, often made from materials such as chalk, charcoal and coloured wax. They are used by adults as well as children - this for the creation of artwork as well as colouring.
There are different types of crayons too - this depends on the materials used to make the crayons. One type of crayon is the watercolour crayon, which is water-soluble. Aside from this, there is also the grease pencil or Chinese marker, a common graph pencil in the United Kingdom.

Children and adults use crayons for many reasons. Firstly, adults can create some unique artwork with crayons, which they cannot achieve with other tools such as paints and normal colouring pencils. Parents often choose crayons for their children too, since crayons are far less messy than paint.

What Are Pastels and What Are They Used for?

Pastels are often confused with crayons, since they look and create something similar. However, pastels are a specific subcategory of crayons.

To be classified as a pastel, the pastel must have a square shape. It is usually made from a powdered pigment and a binder, which ensures pastels create a remarkable effect when used in art.
Pastels are not new though, because this type of art medium has been used for many years. The use of pastels can be traced back to the Renaissance, where many artists used them as their main tools.

What Crayons and Pastels Are Available at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers premium pastels and crayons for its customers - this includes pastels and crayons from the well-known Royal & Langnickel brand. Royal & Langnickel is a famous art supply manufacturer. So, in addition to pastels and crayons, you will also find brushes and other art materials from this brand.

One of the main reasons why Spotlight offers Royal & Langnickel pastels and crayons is the combination of affordability with premium quality. At Spotlight, we believe that every customer deserves the finest quality at the sharpest price. So, whether you need some pastels or crayons for adults or children, Spotlight will always provide the best quality for you.

Does Spotlight Provide Other Art Supplies?

Crayons and pastels are not the only art supplies you will find at Spotlight, because our store stocks other art supplies for budding artists. In addition to crayons and pastels, you can also count on our store for paints, calligraphy tools, pencils, and more.

Of course, art supplies are not limited to mediums that can be used on canvas, because art could also refer to paper craft, beading, jewellery making, and other popular hobbies and crafts. For these supplies, you can also count on Spotlight.

Like our selection of crayons and pastels, all other art supplies offered in the Spotlight catalogue are of the finest quality. Spotlight selects the art supply brands with the artist in mind, providing them with outstanding quality for an extremely affordable price.

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