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Enjoy Dreamy Soft Pastels At Spotlight

Made from water, pigment and a small amount of chalk as a binder, soft pastels come in a huge range of stunning colours, and you can enjoy many of them from brands like Faber Castell and Reeves at Spotlight! You can apply lots of colour quickly using soft pastels, and they're easy to blend thanks to their soft consistency.

Our soft pastels come in packs containing a great range of colours, and they are perfect as a personal treat or as a gift for your creative friend!

What are soft pastel colours?

Soft pastel colours are known for being bright and eye-catching and they cannot be blended on a palette like paints. This means if you want a specific colour, you've got to find it - and luckily the popularity of this medium means your dream colour probably exists!

From natural skin tones to jewel-bright primary colours, there's definitely a soft pastel colour for you available.

Soft pastel FAQs

Oil pastel vs soft pastel

Oil pastels have oil as a binder, create more luscious colours and can feel slick and waxy in your hand. Soft pastels are drier, can create dust as they are used and can be crumbly, but can be blended with water and have a smoky look on the page.

How to use soft pastels

Soft pastels can break, so always apply them carefully to paper when using. Use the tip for a sharper line, the edge for larger blocks of colour and you can also roll them, smudge them with your fingers or add water for more different looks and effects.

How to store soft pastel drawings

Pastel drawings can smudge easily, so it's a good idea to store them with a glassine layer over the top to protect your art. Sandwich the picture between two pieces of foam to protect it in storage as well - leave a white layer around the edge of your paper so your foam has somewhere to stick to.

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Find the right soft pastels at Spotlight

Ready to start drawing with soft pastels? Shop the range of soft pastel pencils and sticks online, safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best soft pastel colours in person.

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