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How To Select Buttons For Your Garments?

Buttons come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, and weights these days. This also means that you have lots of choices when it comes down to your crafted garments. But how do you choose the best buttons for the garments you created? Find out with this convenient buttons guide from Spotlight!

Is Garment Type Important For Button Selection?

Actually, the type of garment is the most important thing when you select buttons. There are numerous reasons for that. The most obvious reason is that certain buttons are more suitable for formal clothing while others are more suitable for casual clothing. However, it goes far beyond that.

When you need buttons for formal occasions, always look for simpler designs and understated colours. While some formal suits can be quite bold, the safest choice where buttons are concerned is plain and simple.

Take into consideration that buttons can be made from different materials with variable lifespans. So, if you are making an expensive wedding suit, then there is little point in purchasing buttons that are made from cheaper materials. Always match the buttons in question with how long you expect the garment to last.

Within garment type, we can also incorporate fabric type. Different types of fabrics can have different thicknesses, weights, and even overall stability. As a result, you need to find buttons that meet these properties on your fabric. For example, a lightweight button will do little to keep a heavier fabric such as denim in place. On the other hand, heavier buttons will ruin garments made with lightweight fabrics, this can include cashmere or chiffon.

Can Buttons Have Different Functions On A Garment?

The short answer to this question is yes. While we commonly associated buttons with closing or opening a garment, there is more to it than that.

Many fashion designers use buttons as decorative elements these days, this opposed to a simple fastening method. Some garments are actually decorated entirely in buttons, which certainly make for an interesting design.

What Are The Different Types Of Buttons?

Once you start on your button selection, you will notice that there are many options out there. In fact, buttons do not only come in different shapes, they also come with different attachment methods.

Some attachment methods for buttons need special tools, while others only require a sewing needle and thread. Always consider the tools you have available, and if there are any additional tools you may need to attach the buttons on your garments.

Most sewing machines come with special features for buttons these days. If you work with a sewing machine, then you may have more tools available than you first thought. Of course, it is always best to check first and foremost. Also, some sewing machines will need special accessories that are purchased separately to sort out buttonholes and other details.

When you choose in the various types of buttons available these days, also consider the person who will be wearing the garment. If you are making children's clothing, do not choose buttons that are overly complicated or need huge amounts of pressure to open and close. Instead, provide something a bit more lightweight, including some acrylic and plastic options. These options tend to be more affordable and are also more resistant to common types of wear and tear .

Finally, the size of the buttons you choose can also determine their type. Remember, the size of the button will influence where the focal point of your garment lies. If you choose buttons that are too big for the garment in question, then the focal point will lay on the buttons and not the garment itself. Of course, certain designers want to achieve this particular feat and therefore choose larger buttons for that reason. However, if you want to emphasis to lie on the garment, then you simply choose smaller buttons or buttons that are proportionate for the constructed garment.

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