Spotlight offers various types of faux suede, pleather, faux leather and leatherette fabrics. Explore our premium suede collection online or in-store.

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Can I buy suedes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a huge selection of buttery soft suedes in lots of different colours. Whatever project you have in mind, we are sure to have the perfect fabric for you. Shop online or in-store today for fantastic deals across the store.

What is included in this range at Spotlight?

Real suede is made from leather, with a napped finish that makes it easier to manipulate. It is a soft supple material that is great for so many things, including making your own suede jacket, handbags, or home decor items. Faux suede is made from synthetic manmade materials, but it certainly feels as good as the real thing. This collection also includes a range of other types of suedes and materials, including:

Buttersuede: This 100% buttery soft polyester material has a stunning soft-brush finish, and it is perfect for create a wide variety of different fashion garments or home furnishings.

Suede Bonded Fur: Our suede bonded fur range is made from high quality polyester materials, resulting in a stupidly soft feel to the outer layer. This fabric is particularly popular for making coats and jackets and is bound to keep you toasty on those colder nights.

Quilted fabrics: Our quilted diamond parker offers a cool vintage diamond design on rich premium quality fabric and would be the perfect base material for whatever you have in mind.

Shaggy Shearling: Our shaggy shearling fabric is crying out to be made into your next winter waistcoat or jacket, its soft, fluffy and just perfect for keeping you warm.

Faux Leather: Sometimes referred to as leatherette or pleather, this faux leather is easy to work with and easy to keep clean.

What can I do with suede fabric from Spotlight?

There is lots of things that you can do with this superb selection, with the only limit being your imagination. Whether that is making your very own traveller's notebook or phone case, or a throw for the sofa. You could even make a special doggy coat for your favourite canine. Perhaps hair accessories, handbags, shoes, or patches for your favourite jacket. Regardless of what you chose, remember that suede is super versatile and easy to manipulate. Do not forget to save the leftovers, they are perfect for cutting out embellishments for your next project. Alternatively, you could plait remaining strips before tying at each end to create a fabulous indie style bracelet.

How should I care for my finished suede project?

We do not recommend machine washing your suede project, and it is advised that you remove stains promptly to prevent staining. Experts recommend dabbing rubbing alcohol on with a soft sponge or cloth, blotting the stain to lift it out of the fabric. Faux suede can take a little bit more water, but this should be cold and we would advise you to hand wash your item. We also recommend that when you have completed your project you protect it with a stain guard.

How is suede fabric sold at Spotlight?

Fabric such as suede is sold by the metre at Spotlight, so that you are able to purchase just what you need. Although we would advise you to buy a little extra fabric just in case of mistakes. Whilst we continuously endeavour to keep your order in one piece this is not always possible. This is because of the size of the manufacturing rolls, for example, if you order more than five metres it is likely to be in two or more pieces.

Is there anything else I need to consider?

We would also like to remind customers that whilst we try to accurately match the photograph on our website to the product itself, this can vary as a result of monitor calibration. This means that colours can change screen to screen.



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