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The Different Types Of Quilting Markers And Pens

Since quilting is incredibly popular, there are various accessories you can obtain to make the craft a little easier. Among those accessories, you will find a big range of quilting markers and pens. And since there are different options to consider for your project, Spotlight created this comprehensive overview of the most common quilting markers and pens.

What Is A Quilting Marker?

The quilting marker is a collective term for any accessory that can be used to mark your fabric. Marks that are made with a quilting marker can be removed easily, mainly by washing the fabric once the project is completed.

Interestingly, a quilting marker can also refer to a specific type of marker used for quilting. The marker in question does not draw on the fabric but forms a line by using simple pressure. As a result, crafters do not have to worry about markings not washing out when the project is completed.

You can find a number of quilting markers that are quite useful. Some of these markers also include a ruler, which can help to make cutting more precise. In addition to quilting, it can be used for fabric cutting in other sewing crafts as well. So, having one of these simple markers in your personal collection is always a smart investment.

What Is A Chalk Pen?

The chalk pen is another tool that can be used to mark a quilt. As the name suggests, this marker is based on chalk and is therefore completely removable. Simply put the quilt in the washing machine or remove the lines manually with a damp cloth.

When it comes to chalk pens, it is important to choose trusted brands. Not all chalk pens are as removable, which means some tend to leave a faint line after you use them. Therefore, always use a pen that is made by a trusted brand and only use a minimal amount of pressure to ensure the chalk does not get ingrained in the fabric.

If you decide to work with a chalk pen, consider that it can smudge sometimes. Therefore, chalk lines are not suitable for fabrics that will be stacked upon one another.

To use a chalk pen with confidence, Spotlight recommends testing it on a small piece of your chosen fabric first. Check if the chalk can be removed easily, but also if the chalk is likely to smudge on the fabric or not.

Can Masking Tape Be Used As A Marker?

Some crafters do not like the idea of chalk pens on their quilts and are subsequently looking for alternatives. There are some alternatives out there. In addition to the quilting marker, you can also have a look at masking tape.

Tape is a common tool in quilting already, especially when you use it to stick your backing to the floor. However, it can also be used to mark your fabric, as you can easily remove masking tape from quilter's cotton fabric.

Unlike other markers, masking tape does not leave any visible marks. However, do not leave masking tape on the fabric for too long. Since masking tape does contain some adhesive, this could cause the adhesive to adhere to the fabric and cause discolouration as a result.

When using tape, you will find that it is difficult to create more elaborate lines, more specifically curved lines. So, if you are using a rather complicated pattern for your quilting, it might be better to use a chalk pen instead. However, if your pattern mainly consists of straight lines, then some simple masking tape will do the trick fine.

What Is Quilt Pounce?

This is one of the latest techniques used to make markings on quilts. It basically involves using simple transfer stencils in combination with a pounce pad, which transfer the markings on the fabric. While this method sounds a little complicated, it is anything but. And it could provide some additional uses when doing applique.

Quilt Pens And Other Marking At Spotlight

Spotlight has a big range of quilting pens, all suitable to mark your fabric for your next quilting projects. As always, our pens are water soluble or wipe-off markers, which means you can either wash or wipe down the fabric to remove the marks.

In addition to pens, you can also find other markers at Spotlight. Check out the rest of our quilting tools range to find chalk pens, pressure markers, and other types of accessories that can make your quilting project much more precise and beautiful.



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