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Discover Spotlight's Guide to Quilting Florals

There are countless fabrics you could use for your quilting projects - this includes floral fabrics. Even though floral fabrics are not recommended for beginners, they are certainly an exquisite choice for advanced quilters who are looking for a new challenge.

Are you looking for some outstanding floral fabric you could use for an advanced quilting project? Check out our recommended floral fabrics below and pick your favourite from Spotlight today!

What Is the First Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

If you are looking for something subtle and stylish in our range of floral quilting fabrics, we certainly recommend our Huge Floral Quilt Backing. Huge Floral Quilt Backing comes in three different styles: white, natural, and ecru.

Our Huge Floral Quilt Backing could be used for countless projects, but one of our personal recommendations is a wall panel. You could also consider this fabric for a summery floral quilted blanket.

What Is the Second Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

Even though our Arabian Floral Cream is a little more delicate than our previous suggestion, we can certainly suggest it for quilting projects that will be used by children. The fabric has a cheerful and bright design, which will look great in any playroom, nursery, or child's bedroom.

The Arabian Floral Cream Fabric is made in China and measures 112 centimetres in width. It is also made from the finest 100% cotton - this provides the material with some hypoallergenic qualities. The comfort provided by cotton fibre is also a good added benefit.

What Is the Third Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

Florals are far from old-fashioned - this is once again proven by the Floral Taffeta fabric in our catalogue. With this fabric, you can certainly give a more cheerful and uplifting appearance to your quilting projects.

The Floral Taffeta Fabric is made from polyester - this provides the fabric with a number of benefits. Firstly, since polyester is a manmade fibre, the fabric will wear down less quick than most other fabrics out there. The material is also more flexible and quite resistant against wrinkles and shrinking.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

For quilters who like detailed floral fabrics, we recommend the Tencel Floral Dark Wash Fabric. As the name of this fabric suggests, Tencel Floral Dark Wash Fabric is made from 100% genuine Tencel.

Even though quilters might be familiar with most types of fabric fibres out there, not everyone is familiar with Tencel. Tencel, also known under the name lyocell, is a sustainable fabric fibre. It is obtained from wood cellulose, making it one of the more environmentally-friendly materials for quilters today.

Tencel fabrics are incredibly environmentally-friendly, but they can be a little pricier per metre than the average cotton or polyester fabric. Still, Spotlight provides the best price on this Tencel fabric across Australia!

What Is the Fifth Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

Quilters who prefer some funky floral fabrics should certainly consider our Floral Cut Out Fabric. Our Floral Cut out Fabric is made from a blend of cotton and polyester - this means that quilters can benefit from the characteristics of both fabric types.

Since the Floral Cut Out Fabric comes with a soft texture, provided by the cotton fibre in the material, the fabric is extremely suitable for blankets and other projects that require a bit more comfort.

What Is the Sixth Recommended Floral Quilting Fabric?

Do you like your quilting fabrics more exotic? If so, then we have the perfect quilting fabric for your project in the form of the Floral Indonesian Batik Fabric. Batik fabric is a little harder to work with than normal fabrics though, so we only recommend this fabric for more advanced quilters.

Batik fabric is the result of an intricate dying and waxing process, which creates an unusual pattern on the material. Considering the unique pattern of Batik, it is used in a variety of crafting projects outside of quilting too - this includes fashion design, curtains, and much more.

Please note that Batik fabric can be made from a variety of fabric fibres too, so be sure to check the source material before you order Batik for your quilting projects. Still, Floral Indonesian Batik is more than suitable for quilting, since the material is made from natural cotton fibres.

Where Can I Find More Floral Fabrics at Spotlight?

Do you want to check out more floral fabrics for your quilting project? No problem, since the Spotlight fabrics collection is packed with floral fabrics. Each of our fabrics is hand-picked by our fabric experts, ensuring you can enjoy the best quality for the best price.

Have any questions about the floral fabrics available in our collection? Or do you need some help choosing the right fabric for a quilting project? For more information or assistance, please contact the Spotlight team today.



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