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Can I purchase quilt backing fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Quilt backing is sold by the metre but is wider than most standard fabrics, meaning you will not have unsightly seams showing in your finished work. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from simple plain quilt backings in white, natural or a range of colours, or go for a colourful contrast with some of the stunning designs on offer.

What should I consider when choosing quilt backing fabric?

When deciding what fabric to use as backing for your quilt, it is important to consider how often the back is likely to be visible. There is little point in spending money on a beautiful co-ordinated backing for a quilted wall hanging, for instance, as this is not likely to be seen by anyone. You may as well use a plain fabric. For some items, such as cot quilts or quilted blankets, a matching, contrasting or colour coordinated quilt backing is a good idea, as the quilt may often be flipped over showing part of its backing fabric.

How wide is quilt backing?

Quilt backing is generally much wider than normal fabrics, which means you don't have to worry about unsightly seams on the back of your quilt. Not all fabrics are the same width, but generally they vary between 250 cm (98 inch) and 280 cm (110 inch) approximately, which means they are wide enough to accommodate even a Queen size or Super King size quilt.

What else should I know about quilt backing?

If possible, make sure that the fabric you use for your quilt backing is similar to that of the front. This makes laundering the quilt much easier, and reduces the danger of the front and the back shrinking at different rates, which can cause your quilt to twist awkwardly. If in doubt, it is a good idea to make sure that both the quilt backing and the fabrics you use for the front of the quilt are washed before you start sewing your project.

What if I can't find quilt backing I like - can I use other fabric?

Yes, you can. If you cannot find extra wide quilt backing that matches your quilt, you can buy any other quilting cotton to sew together and make it big enough for your quilt. If you are sewing regular width fabric together for the back, rather than making just one seam down the centre of the back of your quilt, it is best to put one full width of the fabric down the centre and add two narrower widths down each side as shown below. If you can match the pattern, that will create the best effect.

Does Spotlight sell other quilting products too?

Yes, Spotlight sells the full range of equipment, tools, gadgets and accessories needed to complete quilted projects of all types and sizes, both machine quilted and hand quilted. We also have a huge range of quilting fabrics by the metre, as well as beautifully coordinated fat flats, binding and wadding, batting and lining fabrics.



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