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Christmas Craft Kits for Kids! Discover Some Amazing Activities for the Kids This Holiday Season!

Crafting is a fun activity for kids throughout the year, but festive Christmas craft could be an idea to keep the children entertained during the annual family Christmas party. If you want to keep the kids entertained with something fun, be sure to check out the fun Christmas crafting ideas provided by Spotlight.

What Is the First Christmas Craft Idea for Kids?

One fun way for children to stay entertained is by making their own Christmas tree ornament. These ornaments can be made from various crafting materials, so you can easily organise an activity that is suitable for younger as well as older kids.

The best material to create D.I.Y. ornaments is paper. You can use basic print paper, but also coloured crafting paper to let the children's creativity roam free. Of course, if you use basic white paper, you can also let the children paint, colour, or decorate the paper before turning it into an ornament. The possibilities are endless with this fun activity.

In addition to paper, you could choose something a little more intricate for older children - this may include yarn, craft sticks, and other crafting essentials you can obtain from Spotlight.

What Is the Second Christmas Craft Idea for Kids?

Another fun Christmas craft activity for the kids is Paper Plate Santa Claus. It is even likely you have made a Paper Plate Santa Claus as a child, so this is an activity that has stood the test of time.

Children only need some basics to create Paper Plate Santa Claus. It can keep them entertained for hours, yet it is a budget-friendly activity. To create Paper Plate Santa Claus, you will need to provide a paper plates, crayons, red construction paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, buttons or plastic (for the eyes), and some pom poms.

To start creating Paper Plate Santa Claus, colour the plate in a peach colour with a crayon. Then cut Santa's hat from the red construction paper and glue the hat on the top third part of the paper plate. Glue the eyes in their position as well as the pom pom, which will be Santa's nose. Use the two rows of cotton buds for Santa's beard and one stretched out cotton bud for the moustache. To make Santa look authentic, you can also use some cotton buds on the edge of the hat.

What Is the Third Christmas Craft Idea for Kids?

It might be time to save all those toilet rolls you would otherwise discard, since kids can turn them into reindeer ornaments during the holidays. For this project, you will need toilet roll tubes, brown paper (or white paper painted with a brown paint), brown pipe cleaners, red pom poms, buttons, googly eyes, and some glue.

To make a reindeer ornament, cut the toilet roll in half and cover them with the brown paper. If you would rather save some money on the brown paper, you can also paint the toilet roll with a brown paint or a brown crayon. Put two holes in the roll - this to put through the brown pipe cleaners, which will be the antlers. Then, take the glue and decorate remainder of the roll with some eyes and pom pom nose. The eyes are best done with some glue, while the pom pom can go through the roll and be tied in place.

Need more inspiration for Christmas crafting activities? Check out our range of Christmas crafting supplies and get more ideas for some fun crafting projects this holiday season!



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