Lara Jean, Claudia Kishi Or Regina George: Which fictional teen's bedroom is your design crush?

by Jo Walker

Lara Jean, Claudia Kishi Or Regina George: Which fictional teen's bedroom is your design crush?

Even if it's just a few boy-band posters on the wall, a lockable diary with 'Keep Out' on the front and a string or two of fairy lights, every teen bedroom tells a story. For most of us, it's the first time we really get to have a say in our surroundings. We can express our personality and impose our newly discovered excellent taste on the world. (Whether we look back later and agree with all our 13-year-old decision-making is another matter.)

But however old we get, there's still something charming and nostalgic about a classic teen girl bedroom, and pop culture has given us plenty to enjoy over the years. There was Blair's Marie Antoinette-inspired room in Gossip Girl, Cher's computerised closet in Clueless, Kat's grungey '90s lair in 10 Things I Hate About You and Frenchie's Mid-Century pink perfection in Grease just to name a few.

Here, we count down our three favourite girlie bedrooms from pop culture - it was tough to choose - and imagine how they'd be styled today.

Claudia Kishi - The Baby-Sitters Club

Claudia Kishi From The Baby-Sitters Club

As vice-president of the Baby-Sitters Club, Claudia's bedroom hosts the team's regular meetings and - as the classic book series tells us - it's full to bursting with art supplies, junk food and generally cool stuff. Claudia is super-creative in her artwork and her wardrobe choices - throughout Ann M. Martin's books she's been described as wearing lobster earrings, clock-print tights and a telephone cord bracelet, among other quirky fashion choices. When Claudia isn't looking after kids or munching on choccies, she's all about creativity and making. And, of course, hanging with her mates Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey and Dawn.

Vibe: Quirky, artistic, 1980s, handmade details.

Must-haves: Colour, art supplies, lollies, girl gang.

Style lesson: Claudia doesn't care what other people think of her style, and neither should you. If you want to decorate with a flamingo-and-lobster motif or leave your Christmas tree up all year round, channel your inner Claudia and go for it.

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Lara Jean Covey - To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Lara Jean Covey From To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Lara Jean is a bookish romantic who has a way with (written) words and - at least in her Netflix movie incarnation - a pretty amazing bedroom. When she's not penning awkward, unrequited love letters, you'll find Lara Jean hanging out with her sisters, baking, or spending time with a complicated set of school friends. Lara Jean's room draws on her Korean heritage with a chinoiserie-style mural behind her bed. Chinoiserie was an 18th-century decor fad using techniques and patterns from East Asia, often featuring trees, flowers, insects and birds - so it makes sense that Lara Jean might think it was cool. She's also into fluffy textures, string lights and upcycling.

Vibe: Cheerful bohemian meets chinoiserie.

Must-haves: Cherry blossoms, garlands, string lights, loads of cushions, and colours: teals, greens, pinks, yellows.

Style lesson: Don't be afraid to embrace your identity and decorate with your heritage in mind. Lara Jean's bedroom nods to her Asian roots with floral motifs, silks and lush embroidery.

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Regina George - Mean Girls

Regina George From Mean Girls

Remember - Regina doesn't just have a regular mom, she has a cool mom! And yes, she's more than a little spoilt. But the Mean Girls Queen Bee still has a bedroom style worth copying. It's a classic kind of girlie glam that can serve as a backdrop for anything from writing Burn Books to bossing around The Plastics to choosing her Wednesday outfit (it's always pink). When she's not busy ruining other people's lives, Regina enjoys shopping and boys. She obviously has a handle on luxe interior design and isn't afraid to embrace her inner princess. In fact, we doubt she's afraid of anything.

Vibe: Pink princess meets dark romance.

Must-haves: Pink velvet, pink satin, pink silk, luxe accessories, lots of photos.

Style lesson: More is more. Regina chose a style and committed to it utterly. It's grand and girlie and there's even a dash of bohemian in there, too. Sometimes you've just got to choose a theme and lean in hard.

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