6 simple (and simple-ish) sew projects to try

6 simple (and simple-ish) sew projects to try

It's our biannual 12 Days of Sew - a mini festival celebrating all things fabric, needles and thread. So we've pulled together six of our all-time favourite simple (and simple-ish) sew projects for everyone to get involved.

Whether you're at the 'sewing for beginners level', or you're sewing with kids - or maybe just a stitching whiz looking for quick-sew gift ideas - these DIYs are guaranteed sewing fun. Great for using up your fabric stash (or as an excellent excuse to buy more cute stuff!), we reckon even Home Ec dropouts will feel comfortable whipping out the sewing machine - or needle and thread - for these fab project ideas.

How to make a scrunchie

If you can sew a straight line, you can make a cute and colourful scrunchie. And lean into that throwback 90s style while you're at it. Scrunchies are great for using up the last scraps of fabric from a bigger project, or as an excuse to buy loads of new pretty fabrics in different colours to pair with just about everything in your wardrobe. They are wonderful sewing projects to make with kids - quick and easy to sew up, and you can wear them immediately afterward - and also make fantastic gifts.

Our easiest quilt project ever

Quilting can seem intimidatingly 'next level' for those of us who usually stick to beginner projects. But again - if you can sew in a straight line, you can knock up this Jocelyn Proust Basic Block Quilt. Shop the selected fabrics, or spend time mixing and matching your own combination to suit your vibe (and décor). Great for snuggling under during the cool weather, or making as a treasured gift for someone special.

Sew your own star quilt for beginners

This won't be a super-quick project for beginners - there's a bit of cutting and stitching to be done - but again, the actual skills involved are pretty easy. You'll just need some time and patience (and plenty of pretty fabrics), but look what you'll achieve at the end! This pattern uses Christmas-themed fabric, but any flat fats in contrasting colour themes will do the trick. This small quilt is great for babies and kids' rooms, or maybe you'd like to display your sewing triumph as a fabulous wall hanging?

How to make a cute kids' pencil case

If we're talking fun sewing activities for kids, this ticks all the boxes: quick, cute, useful and easy. Half the fun is in choosing the fabrics, so spend time together with your little ones choosing designs and colours (and tassels!) that reflect their likes, hobbies and personality. Grown-up kids will love this easy project, too. Once you've got the hang of it, scale the pattern up and down for make-up bags, coin purses and dopp kits - then sew a stack of them for all your nearest and dearest.

Simple sew calico craft organiser

Looking for an extremely satisfying and practical (and cute) home décor sewing project? Check out this easy-to-sew wall hanging organiser DIY. Use it to stash your go-to craft accessories (like that half-done knitting project), or other bits and bobs around the house: children's toys, socks and undies, or anything else that could use a quick tidy. The project itself is easy to follow, plus there's all the fun of choosing special fabrics and embellishments (like trims, tassels and ribbon) to suit your style.

How to make ribbon hair clips

You don't even need a machine to sew these easy ribbon hair clips: just a needle and thread and a hot glue gun to hold everything in place. They're perfect for a simple sewing activity with the kids - with adult input on the glue gun, of course. DIY hairclips make great personalised gifts or party favours. Plus they are an easy way to add matching colour to Book Week costumes and sports day uniforms, or celebrate occasions like NAIDOC Week, Christmas or Pride Month. So many reasons to get stitching!




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