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Choosing the best lamp for your space

Lamps and lighting come in all sizes and all shapes and forms. The wide variety of lights available reflects the many functions they fill in the home, from acting as a light source for when reading, sewing and cooking to contributing to the interior design of your home. A lamp will also vary depending on the room in which it lives, from desk lamps or table lamps in offices or studies to bedside lamps in bedrooms or standing lamps placed discretely in the corners of living or dining rooms.

In the back or front garden, you might use lighting to spot trees, bushes, vines and ornaments to make a magical statement in the evening. LED bud lights or string lights can be decoratively draped and hung wherever you might like to place them (around the trunks of trees, maybe?) for a permanent sparkle or to give your party a special touch.

Along with the purpose of the lamp or lighting, make sure it complements your home decor. No matter what your home looks like, there's sure to be a style of lamp or lampshade that fits - vintage, traditional, industrial, contemporary, novelty, minimalist, you name it.


Make more of your lighting with layering


Carefully positioned types of light in any one room results in something called 'layering'. By layering your lighting, you give shape to your interior design and enhance different aspects of the room in a sophisticated way.

Generally, layered lighting requires a combination of three lighting types - but what those three types are depends on the activity in the room. You could have natural light coming into the room, or ambient light from a diffused overhead source or a task light that can be directed to illuminate whatever you're working on, or an accent light to pick up features in the room such as artwork. Combining these different types of light in the one space is how you layer.


Find the right lamps and lighting at Spotlight


Ready to purchase? You can click through lamps and lighting online. If you'd like to come up with something yourself, check out our DIY hobby fill clouds project to turn boring ceilings into beautiful blue skies with little fluffy clouds.

Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different lamps and lighting available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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